Ninja event

This event is become boring.

easy,boring and all u need do-prepare to gate,where u must beat towers.

u even no need change combo to beat levels,all 30 with same(

its not so interesting. 

@Alysea we need improve this event,

we need especially levels,with some new options-like no gems,or only with some strange speels,not all one.

we need fun and skills at this event

its not deal,when i made 27 levels with only gold gears,its like bad joke(


oooooo such a great raider…i say hey flare this event needs to be renamed …change it to gate tower event…it is boring now…i miss a tower at gate every event …boring over and over

The ninja event depends on chance and activity, it must change. I agree with the Alli leaderboard but the Player leaderboard dépends Just of his chance at the end (destroy all towers) and play every weekend.

So it must change.

P.S.: I am first for the first time (before i lose towers or don t play)

I think we need extra tier for all who wanna extreme