ninja gate are without any common sense

On one island i was in front of the gate alone destroying firebolt towers and my cannons (2-3) of them destroy a gate in a blink of a eye. Needless to say that I miss a tower.

On 27th island I was in front of a gate with my troops and and I realize that I will not manage to destroy a gate so I use Armageddon and apocalypse scroll maybe 3 sec before time run up.All firebolts tower near gate were destroyed but gate survived.


In what universe these could happen?Only in FG universe!!!

Quiz for all. Please answer on what LV is this stupid gate?

My guess is LV 31.

But wait a moment I was thinking that max LV for the gate is 20.

Answer: Not in FG universe. They have special law over there.They can do whatever they want.

I am LV 102.

ninja event 4000-4500

Buddy, if you are using scrolls like Armageddon and Apocalypse, you have no control on your troops. I haven’t seen Kings with level 100+ using these scrolls. Stronger gate means higher chance of getting 100%. Learn to raid properly before you cry for stupid wishes. If you don’t know, flaregames has a reputation of granting stupid wishes. So please don’t make one.

I don’t understand well why people complain about tower near the gate? C’mon its really the same like attack someone who put 5 or 6 tower near the Castle Gate. When left 1 or 2 tower run fast and destroy one side with Sonic blast and come back,use scream and go other side and destroy the tower that it. If player don’t have control of their troops we cannot do anything about that sorry. Its the responsability to the player to learn how control the troops and use scream properly nothing more

Read properly and you will see that I was about to run out of time to destroy gate.This is why I used these scrolls anyway.

So the gate is stronger than LV 20 or not?

Same story as above.

I did not complain about towers near the Gate.

As a free player I do not mind about towers near the gate.


I said stronger gate means higher chances of scoring 100%. If you have been following the forums, you should know that Dooms Gate was removed from ninja event because of a possible bug making the game crash before CoF. So to compensate and make the towers near the gate destroyable, gate’s hp seems to have been increased than usual. Everyone is happy about it except you. Wonder why.

My point was that these two scrolls should destroy gate. If destroy all nearby towers.(towers were not my point of interests only gate)

Lazy programmers and some small percentage of RR2 players think that having the hardest part of the “ninja” event being to not destroy the gate before the gate towers is fun. Most players find the concept of not winning too fast to be silly, and having to manage poor unit AI to not destroy the gate before gate towers an irritating exercise.

Another one out of the blue! Nobody likes the towers near the gate. Neither was the AI developed to ninja event’s advantage. The actual case is vice-versa. Nobody says it takes skills to destroy towers near the gate. But flaregames has put efforts to allow players to destroy towers before the gate is destroyed by making the gate more resistant.

What more do you expect? Scroll free bases? Everybody tied up at the top spot?

If you want to do all the bases scroll free, drop yourself two tiers down and run ahead to destroy towers near the gate. And let you favorite cannons go boom boom over the base which, I am sure, you are doing right now.

The only thing which isn’t fair is the coins in the CoF. But if you want to do all the islands scroll-free, improve your raiding and knowledge of units and spells, or just drop yourself two tiers down.


The OP clearly missed the portal with his scrolls, they’re so weak a paper bag would knock it down.

As Zillah said, the “skill” is in not calling units, running ahead and killing the feeble, but high HP, gate towers, before the portal collapses on itself.

Instead of making the bases actually hard, they take advantage of buggy coding to frustrate the player.

Units should always target towers before the gate, and move to destroy towers even if the gate is in range (this would actually make them serve a purpose in delaying victory, or putting units in doom gate range).  Firebolt tower should be given more attack power to make it useful on the battlefield, than just an ornament at the gate.

I wasn’t expecting this from a top 100 player. I guess you couldn’t make the top spot this time.

Top score 3rd time in a row, so yea…

Been playing games a long time and recognise a broken game mechanic when I see one.

I’ve lots of unshielded gold, so give my base a go, should be easy after the ninja event levels.