Ninja Island Bug (2)

I thought it would have been sort out beacuse I alredy created this topic before (_you can see next to this topic) _and @Archimedes replied also.

But I saw it again while playing Ninja Event & also my Internet is 4G, everything works perfect (like Youtube) but I get disconnected while playing ninja event this time. So please FIX  this !

Same happened before also, see here:


Like we hear millions time without any action : ‘’ thanks to report and the dev team are aware of this problem and work on a fix who will arrive soon’’ ?

like many years we wait to a server fix for good and we still waiting…

Hey @InfinitYash

Really sorry that you couldn’t benefit from the event properly. 

4G is a mobile coverage after all, and just a quick break in connection (going through a tunnel or even moving to a different room) could result in a disconnect. Wi-Fi is more advisory, however, it is understandable that not always one has access to it. Nonetheless, our best advise would be to consult with the Customer Support, they wil be able to give the best technical solution:

Nothing have to do with how people use 3G,4G or 5G or whatever. so much nonsense. You are at home and the game lose connection. The server is broken point final. The problem come from the game not from people. Do you understand this or not?

its not because someone like me use Satellite in WI-Fi its gonna be my fault. You will find a way to answer. Satellite are home coverage after all,and just a quick break ( some cloud or your satelitte have move of 5 degre on the right and you lose connection) same if its perfect sunny day outside and satellite totally fixed with bolt. After you will say our best advise would be consult with the Customer Support ( By the way they have nothing to do with the cause of the bug and cannot do anything to fix this why involve them into this?)

Poor guy who receive some ticket about bug they don’t know and don’t have any power to fix it. What you want they answer? 

Sorry for the inconvenience

We are sorry you have encounter and got a bad experience in the game. If you have other question you can ask in a another ticket



@InfinitYash from Flare that was your fault. You have pass under a tunnel ?that why you got a disconnection. Mistery solve. Next time you will know why lol