Ninja Island Bug

I don’t know what if it makes sense or not but Trees are even okay but still the Bird & Crab are on water and just on it like its a ground…squash this bug…


It’s just a visual bug. I think they have better things to do. (Like having a nice weekend).

Yeah, but still its a bug and its just for betterment of game only.

?maybe they are standing on the back of a  turtle floating just under the surface

We should realize it can also be some fun stuff done on purpose by developers, a visual glitch. I don’t have problems with these kind of ‘problems’.

More important is that the real problems that prevent players from playing like it should (for example a spell not working like it should) , get high priority. Now you can start to preach that this should get attention, but ask for yourself, is it that disturbing that it makes you fail a raid? And is it logical that a hero can cast spells? There are more not very realistic aspects in the game, so I think some parts just have to be taken for granted and should not be complained about.

He guys, thanks for reporting. Well spotted. 

Have a great weekend. 

How did you even spot this @InfinitYash?

I’m always in a hurry to finish these levels lol

That’s what professionals can also do.


Do you see that… i again got to see this Bug.

maybe they got knocked into the water by your attack ?

the seagull looks pretty dead in that picture.

It again happened, see here: