Ninja landscape!

The beach is very calm, and I like the soundtrack of the ninja landscape. There is a pro landscape, so why not put the ninja landscape? Who agrees with me?

This has been suggested before by many members, including myself. I would love to see this landscape, personally

Yeah Exactly ! But it should be a little different from general Ninja landscape.

It should be of something looking as Kingdom-Type.

Whole kingdom could be on a big island, while the defense would be like how the ninja defense is set up. Towers are on little wooden stilt things and the whole path is a bridge. What usually is the grass or snow could be the water! It would work perfectly

That would be very beautiful.


Yes ! Like that also and something more what devs can think.

You know how the mountains on the sides of the kingdom are in every landscape. I was thinking maybe those could be two harbored ships! 

And the donkey (where you can click to enter stronghold or conquest) could be on a little personal island!

It’s all coming together!

Those are great ideas, if you know the ninja landscape when you battle a ship, it looks dark. Flare should add that too!

I would love to see a Ninja Landscape! 

It would probably make it look like my castle was an island in the middle of a lake in the middle of a valley!

That would be the best landscape ever!

Flare, Flare, Flare, I would pay Gems or Crystal or whatever weird new currency you create when you release version #5!  ?