Ninja portal question

there was this ninja portal I was playing seemed interesting…  this is the island hopping campaign with a sailing ship.

I was wondering what happened to it?  when I went to the ninja portal, its got this timer on.

1.Ninja Event Timer

When you enter the portal you can see the timer of when is the next one Ninja Event. I think its close always 3 days after War Season end

Screenshot (203).jpg

2.Ninja Event Tier

With your trophy you decide which tier you want to do and what rewards you want to fight for. 0-899 is the easier tier. follow by 900-1,199 and more you up and more its hard

3.Ninja Event System

When the event start. You enter into the portal and you must defeat each island and score 100%

After you will have a timer of 1 minutes 35 seconds (or close) cooldown after each islands

After each 5-6 islands you have to fight a ship. The first one give nothing but others give Uber Chest and you have at the end the Dreadnought at 30/30

4.Ninja Event Rewards

After you have complete all 30 islands depending of your result with scores will determinate which rank you are. 100% is rank 1. If you miss 1 tower is Rank 2. Miss 2 tower Rank 5 and so on…Depending too if others have make more mistake than you or not. If you fail its not over you have 2 more chances. So you can retry you island you have miss to do 100%

  For finish after depending of your rank you will win 5 Ninja,4 Ninja,3 Ninja,2 Ninja or 1 Ninja or nothing

If all of this don’t allow you to understand the mechanics of the Ninja Event don’t worrie I have a plan B :

go on this link and go in my playlist to watch my video of Ninja Event. I will show all Ninja tier. I have 0-899 for now and I have do 900-1,199. I will upload it later

If you need more question just ask :slight_smile:



Or simply said.

Ninja event is an event that comes every 2 weeks.

You have 1 week of war and 1 week of Ninja event. It’s always alternating between those 2. So the cooldown is 2 weeks for both of them.

do the retries count toward the total?

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Yes, retires count. You can only do as many island raids as you have free moves left (with there being two extra tries now it’s best to retry failed islands when you unlock max tries, if possible).

If you could retry islands as many times you want it’d be pretty pointless as everyone would win.

Yes they do, however, when you retry, you can only get as many points as you had remaining in the round. For instance: Let’s say the first round was 1000 ninja coins and you lost and only earned 630. On your retry, you would only be able to earn 370 points with a 100%

Also, some advice for you, never retry a battle immediately, unless, of course, you lost the attack. But if you win the attack, but don’t get 100% you shouldn’t waste one of your two retries to get the remaining coins. You need to wait until you have finished the entire event and then you go back to the rounds that you missed (if you have more than 2 rounds under 100% then you should choose the two rounds with the most points remaining in them)

Hope this helps you, :grinning:  

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ninja coins, never thought about the coin calculation as a part of a retry strategy.  I was trying to get 3 crowns.

ok thanx for the info

yep, I remember thinking this as well. Well, now you know. So hopefully that info will help you in the next ninja event  :grinning: