Ninja raiding problems

After the first ninja event i send a msg to Flare about this topic but nothing yet so i will make a post of it. If you feel the same please make a comment on this post.

Im concern that using ninjas isnt good all the time. So far, i notice the game is slower (is like my king is havier) and my wolfs howling is delay (this is due to the fact that ninjas go between my wolfs and their target before the howling). This affect my raiding a LOT.  

Also, im forced to scream with my king in order to prevent ninjas going away and killing the units im going to steal with Black Magic spell at the very start.

But this problem has a simple solution, Flare doesnt have to make raiding with ninja mandatory, they could let us choose not to use them before every raid. Just add some button to deactivate ninjas. I understand some players will use them, but some others wont. Freedom of choice is the key. 

P.d.: before some “smart” guy repond that the answer is not to participate on the event. I will say we participate for the rewards: uber chest (to melt them with my luck this time) and pearls… ninjas are colateral damage.

I agree with Cieza. For me, ninjas are net-positive for me, although they do often cause lag during my raids. Regardless, people should have the option to not use them, and adding the ability to “turn off” ninjas should be fairly easy to implement.

Defense has been broken since ninja was introduced. This ninja event flare make the castle gate so weak, you dont have time to detroy the  towers near , they do this on purpose so you cant win all 5 ninjas without many scolls , this way you have to spent your gems to purchase them.  It is all about the money now, no more fun like before. Defense has Broken, now $$$ play the game… very sad and disappoited to continue to play the game.

I think when having won (or bought) 5 high lvl ninjas, they can actually noticeably help with raiding (depending a bit on your playstyle / combo), but for those having only like 2 ninjas, or having low lvl ninjas after aiming for a lower event tier (to reduce the risk of missing towers or failing a mission and thus get completely screwed in terms rewards), those ninjas are not really doing that much and possibly die very quickly soon after the start of a raid… and in that case, they mostly just cause troubles for you.

(Like they cost you a scream to hold them back, or cause hostile wolves to howl and/or hostile ogres to strike, or possibly kill a certain hostile unit that you intended to copy with black magic and/or simply let alive for a bit so that your own wolves can howl at it, etc etc… let alone lag issues or other things like having another thing to care about, distracting attention.)

So yeah, a way of disabling them for a raid or just giving them a button like for insta-troops that allows you to spawn (or not spawn) them when you want, instead of automatically spawning them right away, would be desirable. (* the crossed out option would make “maxed” ninja forces even stronger, possibly, which doesn’t actually help balancing the whole “ninja feature”…)



Yes, I got 3 level 6 ninjas and they are better than 1 level 8 ninja. Ninjas are better when in groups.

1st event  - I had 5 level 8 ninjas - useless.

2nd event I ignored - no ninjas - great (I did not miss one of them)

3rd event - only did 20 islands for 2 uber chests - got 1 lvl 9 ninja. Like it a lot. It is not in the way like the 5 ninjas. It does not kill incoming black magic troops - but does distract them.

4th event - will only do 20 islands. (I need lots of gold and gold gear does not work in ninja event. I would rather raid the event participants)

Last notes:

Any way to control the ninjas will be very useful. Being able to use them in both offence and defense will be a double win for me. But if nothing changes - the gold is very good outside of the event (and I am already planning what to upgrade next). I think when I have maxed everything - I might again chase the rabbit down this hole and try to win 5 ninjas. 


Bro. ninja is awesom anyway

They beat arbs and cannons crossway)

Well, preciously the reason for me dropping down the tier this time. I don’t play for ninjas although I had lvl 10 and lvl 11, and they are good. But I want 3 uber chests as rewards rather than having just 2. The first season at a high level the event was simple, but lately, it has become difficult unless you are ready to spend gems.

Drop down and enjoy the uber chests and weak ninjas who will die very soon…problem solved for those who don’t want ninjas in attack. s0817.gif


OilFire, gain trophies to go into next tier (Lvl 10 ninja), you will gain gold and you will be able to beat till island 20 only. Also you’ll get more medals for leagues if you aren’t aiming for 1st.

It depends on what is your focus to do.

Some like to have higher level ninjas then they should go into higher tiers. Some like to have 3 uber chest (like me) so will like to play in the lower tier. However, the charm of UC is wearing out as we are not getting good items. So who knows we might not come down again.




Last two seasons I tried 4k layer. Positive aspect of the ninja raids in there is that the medals are more than enough to secure top 3 place in bronze till platinum league.The gems you might spend there for scrolls are covered by gems from those leagues.

Only when you want to end first, you must be fortunate to get no crashes. Last two seasons I always had a crash. Also I hate the principle of needing to waste gems to continue opening chests after a failure. And even when I do it, I always face the fact that somewhere in level 20+ I miss a tower around the gate, simply by the fact that either my sonic blast isn’t taking down one tower near the gate or my troops already finished the gate, before I get the chance to take down tower two near the gate, even when I have more than enough seconds left.

I realize that flare will keep the coins in chests and by knowing I certainly will not raid 100% all ninja quests, I have decided also to step to a lower layer. I just go for the three uber chests. My focus isn’t ninja’s, it will be uber chests. So why bothering in higher layers, while 3500 layer will also do.

I know… I lose gold, medals and so on, but I am not looking for them.


I hope they don’t change and do what I suggested by increasing the Uber Chest as per tier.

We will see, I don’t think they change it that fast.

I only expect that the highest tier will face a very unpleasant surprise. New max level towers that are forged to max beyond level 25+. It will be a nightmare or challenge for them.

And we still don’t know what the defensive surprise is. So I will now float around 4k to be able to adapt when needed. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got ninjas in defense.

Hmm. lets see, I guess it should be later today-the announcement.

When i started this post i forgot to mention that i always used 5 ninjas. I found less ninjas doesnt work at all. On first event lvl 12 and after that lvl 13.

Dont get me wrong, they have some power but they do not fit on every raiding style. I like to gather a big army at the start by blocking my ogres and steal incoming units with BM. Ninjas just go ahead killing incoming units or delaying them not allowing me to gather units as i was able to do without them.

So my start using ninjas has been affected.

After that i rely on my army to destroy defense buildings. In this part, is very important my wolfs howl (i perked a lot attack rate for this). But here comes the ninja… for the reasons i explain at the first post, they made my wolfd howl less effective.

So my middle game has been affected.

I just want the option to not use ninjas (switch off button). For some players that use attack spells they are OP. But not for me.

Ninjas are a unit and therfore use them should be a players option. Not everybody has the same raiding style.

I hope this next update help with this.


Oh btw… my newest fancy experience with my ninjas on raiding…

Today, I raided some base with a bunch of garg towers and gargs in waves. Now, at one point a single ninja decided to run ahead while my king was currently with my fairly large army of pyros to kick back some bombs. Then a big bunch of gargs (maybe 8-10) locked to that ninja, starting their attack animation. Now, so far so good, goodbye ninja and gargs eliminated without harming my army - or so I thought. Because right then, the ninja decided to instantly teleport back to my king - and all of the gargs locked onto that ninja TELEPORTED AS WELL, right to my king and army! They just teleported by about 2 whole tiles to follow the teleporting ninja. Half a second later, my army was dead, my king on very low health (barely visible health), and that raid was basically over for me (lonely king then died about 2s later due to some arbs or cannons).


Now, those ninjas moving around on their own is one thing - but if they lure a whole squad of gargs right back to your king and troops from far away within split-seconds, that is nothing I want to accept because I won ninjas in some event! :angry: :angry: :angry: