Ninja - Reward System and more


This post is not about the bugs. Although the suggestion in this post could diminish the consequences of them. If there were no bugs at all, the ninja event would still has its flaws.


Broken Reward System


I guess flare wanted to add something like competition to this otherwise lonely challenge. So they gave us a kind of league. The problem is you share the 1st place with a lot of others. Ok. But the system at the moment eliminates the following places. So there is no 2nd or 3rd place. 


The drop off is significant.  If you miss just one tower in the 3 days you get maybe just 2 ninjas and 4 minor chests (propably less) instead of 5 ninjas and 8 uber chests (5K-„league“).

I think flare added even more firebolts in front of the portal. It’s a game. Don’t replace fun with frustration. You can scroll if you realize you get in problems. You can revive if you die. But this towers before the portal …


Please flare,


  • at least don’t kill the subsequent places. Let the next place after the 1st place be the 2nd place. Not an unusual or strange thing, right? And don’t make the drop off too big.
  • or show courage (a word I learned from apple recently) and get rid off the league altogether as it is totally unimportant (at this moment). It’s „Get all coins or get nearly no reward“. The scores of the other players don’t matter. Calculate the reward on the basis of the earned coins.
  • or just place more rewards on the islands and decrease the overall reward. Just an additional bonus for the 100%-players not the main reward. 


The Coins in the Chest


Another thing without any function. It’s lousy in the war but at least it has a function there. It lets you earn more skulls against higher ranked enemies.

At the ninja event this is totally pointless. It’s just rolling the dice to let players loose some gems.

Suggestion here:


  • get rid off the coins in the Chamber of Fortune. (Will get you more time on fixing the Windows CoF-Bug, also :grinning:



Other Things


The cool down. Forcing members to get regularly online. Hmm.

Why not 30 attacks from the beginning. Let those who failed get at least their fights. Why would you end the event for them so early.

Why is it possible to attack a 99% finished island? Is this a trap?


The War and the Ninjas


Loosing a war is now more frustrating than ever, cause the next war is so far away. And it’s more expensive to maintain the boost from the war before.

You replaced a social event with a lonely gameplay. Now it is as it is. But I would prefer the war. Make War not Ninja.


A very Quick Fix


  • get rid off coins in CoF
  • you could add one or two attacks on the last island (boat) to give us, who missed a tower, a second chance. Ok, yes, I already missed a tower. Shame on me :grinning:



Thanks for your attention.

Make the ninjas great again (sorry).

I dont think gap between war is wider

I think you are right. Maybe I was confused by this false start of the first ninja season.

Ok. Make war and less frustrating ninja :slight_smile:

it would be nice if flare add some quest related to the ninja event.

Lets see . . .

Cool down: Yup, needs to go.  Give us the ability to do 3-6 attacks at once, and have it recharge at 1 per 90 minutes.  Gems of course could speed it up.

Coins in CoF: I don’t like random in competitions, especially when you can pay to avoid it.  But I doubt Flare will change this part.



Yes, this is a very serious issue flare. If your game’s player health breaks down then total reduction of players will start.

We want events but e need rest too.

Try to reduce cooldown time of ninja event.


I agree, reward system in Ninja leagues is garbage. One tower missed & you get screwed. One crash / disconnect before cof & you get screwed.

  • Cof coins must go.  The cof, at the moment is a very unstable place in the game. To attach the outcome of the event to that is utter & sheer non-sense! Remove them, or at least until you fix the darn place.
  • Towers near the gate.  Once again too much influencing power given to something irrelevant. Flare, If you are gonna do this at least give the raider a few more tries per island. 

They had all this feedback from the last event, didn’t acknowledge any of it (not even a “we know this bit isn’t a good idea, we’re working on fixes to those areas”) bar reducing the cooldown times slightly (I haven’t noticed any difference in these yet, it’s still a slog to wait).

Maybe their player numbers are so good that they don’t need to fix these clearly ridiculous game mechanics, in which case nothing will ever improve (the only thing they seem to be working on is the COF crashes, which doesn’t fix any of the mechanics at all).

I have decided just to play when I can and not be drawn into spending gems to eliminate the cooldowns, I may get 2/3rds of the way and pick up an uber chest or two.

Unless they let us fight 10 levels per day with a better cooldown system that will be my future ninja contributions.

The amount of tower at gates is just absurd :/ 

Lame way to prevent people from getting uber chests… 

bet they really piss edward off he is probably calling flare a coward …lol


Placing towers near the gate doesn’t make levels harder nor funnier and keeps people from getting better rewards. I don’t like them at all.

Yes, especially if there are trees and whatnot blocking your vision. I missed one tower, because i couldn’t see, whether my sonic blast did hit it or not :angry:

Hopefully to avoid missing a tower by the gate I make sure to study the map carefully before a raid and memorize the layout. For example if there is 3 towers by the gate I try to save my SB or BS and take out the 2 on the one side first then the remaining tower on the other side. If there are 4 towers then pick a side and hopefully use your insta-troops + scream & spell for the last 2 towers.

Dunno why people complaint about tower at gate.Is it cuz you all missed some towers ? Well I said again, raid better.Use insta, use scrolls or whatever OP gears you have.

They reduced cooldown quite a lot, but I understand that it is still troubling.Personally for me, it does disturb my work.

The thing I agree about is the rewarding system.Sure I said raid better to get 100% but that does not mean I want people to get shit reward for one 99%.They deserved better reward, they deserved 2nd place if they score 2nd best overall.

But if you missed a tower, you dont deserve 1st place, go raid better.Be it annoying or not, you all would complaint if they raise the overall base difficulty that you need tons of scroll to even reach gate.Be grateful they only add more tower around gate.

For tier 1-3 I think scrolling to get perfect score is very rewarding.Tier 1 offer 16 uber and 10k pearls with 3 bonus uber = almost 6k worth of gems.Tier 3 worth about 3.5k gems for first place.

Personally think CoF is not a problem if they can fix crashes.I never crash in event though so far.In 30 island raids, I only missed the CoF once! Thats 15 gems, not bad at all.

Overall, its a fun event.



Towers at the gate?

git gud.jpg

I hate the towers placed at the gate. If I don’t see them because some stupid trees cover them, good bye the higher rank :/. My solution is running ahead, let my troops behind taking care of the enemies, find the towers near the gate and destroy all of them before my troops come. It doesn’t easy at all, you have to be fast. One false step and you are f**ked…

I have raided 17 islands till now, all 3 crowns, all CoF opened in the 3000-3499 tier. The simple trick is to go with Firestorm & Sonic. Do not use them towards the end of the path, save them. Now you have to use firestorm on LT/FB & sonic for the Garg nests or other towers. Save your scream too. 

Tower near gate is not problem

in each war u need beat 10/10 bases with minimum 2 towers near gate

u need beat them with 100% for best score. I prefer make only best score, coz another case-whats reason play in top?

here is not big difference

19 ubers -is near 10000 gems(ussial price)

I like idea make cooldown by group of islands only. Not between 2 islands,but between 6 group of 5 islands in group.

but they not change it,coz they need money. Its normall.

i spend 1000 gems and got 16 ubers,10 k pearls and 5 ninja

it was veeeeeery good!



i wanna MORE TOUGHT Bases

its too weak(

@Cromka1 Maybe you were talking about this suggestion. Although it got ignored.