Ninja Tiers

 I, along with many others, feel like these ninja events are too easy at the moment. I am in the 3000-3499 tier, and I think each tier needs to be bumped down one tier. For instance, the bases I get in my tier drop down to the 2500-2999 trophy tier and the 3000-3499 trophy tier would get the 3500-3999 bases. This would make things a bit harder and would also make the extra 2 battles have a bit more meaning

easy solution, wear gold gear when you raid, then they can be harder for you.

In a similar fashion to what 4Jax suggests, I use the easy ⅔ of islands for field testing and stuff (trying out different troops, getting summon/spell usage going for achievements, pal tests etc).

Though it doesn’t speak very well of the event if you have to find yourself things to do with the event being a byproduct instead of having to dedicate all your work and resources to the actual event. I keep saying the event is too long if only 5 maps are actually challenging. Going up a tier isn’t an answer (though I think I’ll try the 3k+ tier next time) as with how difficulty progresses the final maps may be too hard. The difficulty needs to be more even but overall harder. Personally I’d also remove gate towers completely in favor of making the rest of the map much stronger but I guess that’s not happening.

The players shouldn’t have to make an attack harder on purpose by changing their hero. That’s going WAY out of the way. This is a very simple fix to implement and would make the ninja events have more competition

i play in 4500+ tier nd trust me wen u get there its lot harder.if i had to play a tier higher its ridiculesly hard

Its way out of the way to change items? do you not change items for skull gear? xp? gold? is that going WAY out of the way as well?

other solution, get your rating to a higher tier. There’s more competition trying to get into higher tiers now, and thats fine with me, competition in the rankings and just think of ninja as the reward for getting higher trophy.

with your suggestion there will be less competition to get higher trophy.

then you will cry, which is too hard. leave as is. the game is so broken. better focus on correcting mistakes and not that you are cool kings and everything is easy for you in the event. an event for bringing pleasure. if you want to suffer go to the best players, it’s definitely hard there.

If you’re not in the top ninja tier, you can’t really claim that the ninja event is too easy.

If 3000-3499 is too easy for you, just go up one or two tiers next time.

It’s not really that simple for me, it’s extremely hard to go over 3300 (for me) without losing 100 trophies overnight

It doesn’t matter if you lose 100 trophies overnight. Just attack a few times, get all of them back and then some.

I’ve been playing for only a year. It has not been hard to get up to 4500 trophies. Even 5 months ago when I had no defensive boosts (not even Werewolf) keeping 3500 was pretty easy.


And btw, 3000-3499 ninja tier is pretty much the same difficulty as the 3500-3999 tier. So if you really want an harder challenge, you must go up to at least 4000 trophies.

I use my farm set (31 food per battle). With that, I can increase my trophy from 2800+ to 3600+ in one hour. I do that 2 - 3 hours before the event take place. After reaching that tier, I activating my free gold shield (with hope there’s no one that will attack me during that time). Until now, I can always fight in that tier (if I’m not busy with my real life).

Actually I want to fight in 4k tiers, but seems impossible in my current condition. However, I’m not only looking curiosity for the difficulty in that tier but for more rewards too.

In the end I’m fine with my current condition. Be able to fight in level 9 tier and got max rewards make me happy enough ?. I’m thinking Ninja event is not about challenge but more about the rewards that the event gave to us. It really help players growth with their kingdom development.


from level 109 player that live in level 31 alliance that only have knight and cannon as daily boost

I have the same mindset. Getting 1st place in the ninja event is really one of the best ways to improve your account as a free player.

If you were in an higher lvled alliance it would be even better thanks to the alliance rewards (1 up to 6 uber chests)

Why is your alliance still at level 31?

It’s difficult to gain new members. If we upgrade our alliance then it’ll make us can’t get alliance rewards at Ninja event, because as you know the more your alliance level has, the more point you need to unlock those alliance rewards.

ps. even with level 31, we have 10 empty seat at the moment. ?

You should try to find another alliance to merge with. That’d help you

I think we will if flare create system for 2 alliance to merger with as someone suggested before: accumulated pal and gold from both alliance into one new alliance (merger).

My alliance is at level 52, has 6 empty slots, but only about 35-40 players are really active in war season and at ninja/zombie/yeti events. Furthermore, my alliance has knight, cannon, barricade, ogre, werewolf and firebolt tower permanently boosted; the minimum donation is 150k gold (but >= 500k is recommended). Therefore, my alliance isn’t able to/can’t invite all players of your alliance. Finally, my alliance is really very active in alliance chat.

Another detail: knight+cannon is less effective than knight+ogre+werewolf (in both cases, all them are boosted and I tested in my defense).

Thank you for the information, but I think I’ll stay in my current alliance at the moment. ?

Hey folks

i have no idea what to do in low and middle tiers. But i m really dissopointed with 5600+ tier. Its too easy to be serious.

this ninja only hard thing os to get 5600, not partipicate in it. 

Its killed my interest to it, thats the problem, thats i dnt like

Yes, they need to spice things up. Add some new features to later rounds, but keep early stages the same