Ninja types feedback

Hi guys :slight_smile:

let’s have a closer look at the Ninja types, shall we.

Which Ninja do you think needs a buff (please vote) and let us know why :slight_smile:

I made the poll multiple choice :slight_smile:


Good question… I know Fire,Ice and Poison are really strong like they are. Just at level 5 they are impressive. So I don’t think they need any buffs. i hesitate on Brute,Stone and Normal. Stone I have try them only 1 time. If I remember well they petrify really well. So its gonna be between Brute and Normal. Tempting to say Normal because they die in the first corner in each raid. Rarely I am able to keep them

The stone ninjas are the best in defense (by far) and probably the best in offense as well.

The toxic ninjas are the weakest.

The other ninjas are pretty similar with each other.

I would like buff in brute ninja . Every other ninja is really STRONG .

Poison ninjas are also weak though. 


Hmmm all I know is one of them is super strong and a few of them are kinda weak

But not a good enough memory to remember which one is what  -_-

There are so many, it’s easy to get the types mixed up when trying to think lol, but the Toxic ninjas are very weak on offense, though pretty deadly in defense, especially at higher levels. Brute ninjas seem to me like the best cause they deal the most damage, but the rest are basically all the same, I can hardly tell the difference between them

Please do not buff poison in defense. It is offense that it is nobody noticing their effect, because poison is not very noticeable to most damage types in offensive raids. It is very noticeable that high level defensive poison ninjas alone can kill the hero if not dealt with right away or specific poison resistance gear is not worn. I beat a 5k trophy base and the biggest threat to me was the poison ninjas.

all the offense ninja  should get a small buff or at least the ability to shield them when they are doing the dash because if u don’t watch them close and always shield them they will die fast 

In defense Stone ninjas are scary they can kill my king, fire and ice are tough, poison and brute are good, Normal ninjas story is different as shown below


All 5300+ ninjas deal about the same damage to the Hero. Normal, Stone, Ice, Fire, etc. They’re all similar in that regard. If you’re not paying attention, they’ll kill you in a second, all of them.

It’s against troops that you can really notice how some are much stronger than the other defensive ninjas.

I think all ninjas need some buff in offense, but not defense. The ninjas can kill the hero by themselves and can’t be stopped during the attacks unless the guardian is available.

maybe most of players will agree with me , there is a huge problem with ninja spawning in ! defense ninja they lag the game i need first u should work on them and fix the issue

I don’t have this problem. It’s possible it’s the device you are playing on. If you are playing on a phone or tablet, a base with a lot of units will lag at the amount of graphics it has to load. Playing on a laptop, I do not have this problem, but this is probably a common thing among mobile players

i think:

normal ninja is too weak

posion ninja effect is not strong enough

brutal ninja has too little pressure

It would be very interesting if we are given the choice to pick whatever ninjas we want instead. However, once we picked, we got to stick to it until the next Ninja Event.


Each ninja has its own strength and weakness, so letting us decide will give us more room for strategy.


For example, so many voted for poison ninja to be buffed. It is indeed relatively weaker in offense, but it is coincidentally the weakness of donkey that is very popular now. Hence, players may choose to pick poison ninja even though it is weaker in offense, just as a counter measure to donkey.


Even in offense, it would give room for players to customize according to their strategy. If they hate Wolves howling in defense, they may pick Ice Ninja that may kill it before it even howls. Ice ninja are very strong against Necromancers which is a very popular unit too. However, recently Vikings got changed to being resistant to ice while being even weaker to fire. For those who do not have fire damage in their combo, they may in fact choose Fire Ninja instead if they hate facing Vikings. There are other combos that focus on units and towers with spikes being their weakness. Blunt Ninja may be a good choice then, to cover up this weakness.


The list goes on, for both defense and offense. Thus, it would be really fun if the choice is with us instead so that we can play around with it and discover what we like.

yes it is that’s why i need to mention it because when ninja spawn and zombie from sneak towers +phoebe beast effects it might even crash the game is the mobile or tab can’t handle it 

In defence, they are all pretty effective, essentially, for the high level ninja, you have to have a spell ready to kill them, or the king is dead, regardless of the ninja type.

On offence, they die too easily to make a lot of difference, especially later in the level, I’d suggest a “revive” ninja bar, where dead ninja’s slowly come back to being available as the fight continues, or possibly have the defence ninja target units except the king, unless the king is alone.

We have performed the rework with this LSU. Live Server Update - 13.06.2019 - Growl Buff/Ninja Rebalance/Fix for Tech tree
Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: