ninja war

Wondering why to get the defence ninjas/zombies , the mark is set so high for a small team of 9 , that there is now way to get them . Even if all 9 succeed ,it is

              imposable to reach that score ? Think Flare needs to adjust for #of players and not by alliance level . Plz find a fix for this ?

Nope, see it from the point of view of keenflare. If they would adjust it to the number of players, this could be easily exploited.

Start with a very low amount of players and then after event started, let some players rejoin to easily collect the rewards. Instead make sure your team has enough active players (easier said then done) and that of those players, enough do participate. 

Your team has a certain level and space for enough members to get those rewards. With a little bit more than 50% players participating, you should be able to collect all rewards. 

Don’t level up a team, when there are a lot of open spots. First try to make sure to get more players and fill up those spots. A lot of open spots look to outsiders like a team that’s dying and becomes a ghost team. That’s not attractive to join.