Ninjas are Not Resistant to Fire!

I heard that some administrator posted somewhere on the forum that Ninja’s supposed resistance to fire is only a display error. Apparently it was supposed to read weakness. And somehow that ended the whole issue? They can’t get a freaking intern to change the word from resistance to weakness?!  This is why the game is in the state it’s in! There’s clearly no accountability!

Yes I noticed this as well, this exact thing happened with Toxic Ninjas the last time they appeared in the game (or maybe it was Frost Ninjas). This should not happen, before you release something from its chains you need to make sure you have everything right, not SOME things

I’d even forgive the first time,  but this error is still up for probably more than a year!

Regarding your trophies, Ninjas will never! be a problem. Sorry, don’t understand your suggestion.


What?!  Are you trying to respond to a different thread?

I think maybe he means you’re strong enough kill ninjas just as easily whether they’re resistant to fire or not (which is somewhat true).

Though that’s not the issue here (which is flare giving mixed up information again. Don’t you have proof readers, flare?).

After thought…

I’ve programmed several video games myself. 

Not big ones you would have heard of…  I worked for a little start up that ultimately went no where…

But I think it says something about an intentional lack of transparency when the game engine reads from a totally different set of data than the display engine reads from. 

In any game I’ve ever seen the code for, the values like Resistance wouldn’t be entered in by a totally different design group…  The game would actually read the value it was about to process in game and display the actual statistics that it would be using for it’s in game computations, so there couldn’t be a discrepancy.