Ninjas are too weak

I get 3 ninjas, i have 3900 trophies.

So 3x lvl 9 ninjas appeared in beginning of battle… then came first enemy wave. No more ninjas. :slightly_frowning_face:

They look kind of useless.

Others in my team have said the same. 

Give us a button, like insta troops, so we can launch ninja shadow warriors when we want. But only once in a battle.

That would make them much more useful

Maybe that is the catch. They have to go under the snake tower to get finished off. You need monks & shield to make them do their job. In fact they won’t even save your king, the enemy troops will attack the king only.

Great news! Thanks for telling about those shitty ninjas! :ph34r:



ninjas are very weak. they appears at start and don’t come again

I only got one ninja and I gotta say it’s difficult to keep that dude alive, he doesn’t allow me to protect him with Shield due to his dash.

They’re not only weak, but do very little damage too. Quite disappointed, but looking forward to the next event anyway. Just not going to use so many gems next time, not worth it at all.

what do u expect to raid the whole base with 5 ninjas? Actually their dash attack is quite good for cheesy casters that they hit on the other side of the path, supporting the king when his spells are on cool down.

He died on 1st episode of very long tv show.

I have 3 and they are quite ok against a bunch of ranged troops (especially with 5).
But they die too fast, because they wander off into the distance and get killed.

I tested today them and yes their damage sucks almost on everything and their health drop down very quickly so yes they need some balancing but i don’t complain so much since offence is good as it is already.

(i have lvl 12 ninja so not max but exact for my range as the tier suggests to use them)

Mine last quite a while, about half the time to the gate. They really plow through stupid garg bases (trophy level 5800) and single wolves. Guard 'em, call 'em back, and rub their soft little heads and they will do as you desire.