Ninja's can take over Units?

One of my Alliance Members told me that his Ninja’s could take over Monks, Wolves and Ogres. I didn’t know they could. So I tested it. It didn’t work though.

He said it might be due to Ninja Levels, so we were comparing the Levels. Mine are Level 10 and his 11. So can they really convert enemy Units like the Zombies could?

No, ninjas cannot do it.

This is the answer I was expecting, as mine can’t do that either. Furthermore, I haven’t seen anyone mention that before, that’s why I am asking, because my Alliance Member(Former) said his could. I even asked him several times whether he wasn’t confusing them with Zombies and he said, that he wasn’t his Ninjas could Convert Ogres Wolves and Monks.

I was asking in my Alliance Chat, another one said, that his Ninjas could convert Ogres and his Ninja Level is lower than mine. His trophy range is at 2800.

Do some people get bugged Ninjas that have the Zombie take-over feature?

I guess they are either trolling or just thought they noticed sometihing like that, maybe they used bm spell or something. As far as I know ninjas don’t copy troops, ninja’s special attack is dash attack, zombie’s special one was to convert troops. At least I didn’t notice such “bug”, never seen anyone reporting it either. I would say all is good with your ninjas :slight_smile: