Ninjas freezing in battle

I have noticed defending ninjas freezing in battle several times, but today it was my attack ninjas. Once they froze in the middle of the path, blocking all troops from getting past. Just now they froze right in front of the tent, again preventing troops from passing.

Windows 10 PC
IGN: Mithrin Feanor

Seeing this as well, blocking my monk and stopped it’s heal being used.

Mine blocked the entire path. Guess they decided they need to play roadblock, since they’re so big & burly.

Mine stayed at my gate and never moved. Drew enemy gargoyles while they stayed permanently stuck at first turn. Useless. Also had them stuck in the grass?

Hi guys,
Thanks for reporting. This issue has been reported before.
We will fix it with the upcoming version.
G’day! :rr2ninja:

Here they are again this morning still stuck like frozen statues. So glad I got up early to battle my way to higher tier last week?

Offense ninjas still not working properly. Constantly stuck at various places and once they are stuck they just stand there. Ridiculous!

Maybe they were… Stoned. Ba dum tsssss


:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: must be it