Ninjas frozen

Ok, a few days back I was raiding continuously when I noticed something as indicated by the pic below.

I’ve also seen the same issue on some of my raids.

Not to mention there appears to be more lag now when raiding, particularly with response to taps on the screen

ниндзя зависает в одном месте ошибка, ник - <<< BRIKSON >>>, Lenovo A7600-H android 4.4.2

I have merged it into the earlier one since it is the same issue. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve noticed this as well. Just a minor visual glitch. It typically happens for me when I kill them as they are first appearing. For instance: They start dropping down and I’ll cast a firestorm or Fritz will slide and kill them instantly

To be honest, it’s actually kinda fun to push them around while frozen :lol: 

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this and sending the screenshots. We are aware of the issue and we’re working on fixing it.