ninjas in defense... please answer us FG

hello all
how to flaregame in rr2 use 7 ninjas in deff!? please give use info or metod for use more ninjas in deff and in attack!
what search developers in game. 
i still wait for dev answer me
@FTB @PaSte @Madlen
please balance game. Festival really  hard for more peoples. maybe some alliance have more boosts and can got score (point) but low lvls members now don’t like this version.


Isn’t this because you just ran ahead on your own, passing 2 points where ninja’s are spawned, resulting in a higher number of ninja’s?

no i kill all over

but when howl come spawn 7 ninjas :wink:

May be your Ninjas get mixed with the defense Ninjas :grinning: