Ninjas: island 3, 99%

I’m playing ninja event in tier10.

Three gate towers were shown in the map of island 3. I was quite surprised cuz it never happened to me before. By the way, I started the raid and I broke the gate after I crushed all the gate towers. I scored 99%. HEY WHAAAATTT! ??? I’m quite sure I destroyed every single tower and obstacle!! I’m not a talented player but … c’mon!!!  Then I replayed island 3. The gate towers magically disappeared from the map and no towers were placed near the gate!!!

OK it is Friday, it was a very busy working week for me, but please tell me it is a bug not me!


you have right probably a bug. I got many time the one at 97% where you destroy all and reach the gate and show 2 crowns so you destroy the rest and finish with the gate and bang 97%. You do exactly the same the next try and got 100%. Not the first time we hear about bugs in Ninja Event like the one who people complete it at 100% but show 0%,etc… and many more

Most times some spikes are remaining, or a LT hiding behind a tree. I had it also that a jester box didn’t detonate.

It happens sometimes, so be glad we have two retries.

My lesson, don’t use scream when there are spikes. I go in with heal ring, triple speed, Ceres and bladetorm, firestorm and sonic. You need lasting spells with triple speed. When there are monks, exchange firestorm for hammer. As troops use knights and frenzies plus cannons for cleaning leftovers, Wok will also do.

Happen to me on island 1 on my ipad. The first one lol. Destroy all and got 99%. I have lose a try. I hate those bugs :slightly_frowning_face:

PS : I confirm the trick i have give is not good anymore. Don’t use it. Never let’s your troops destroy any tower or this bug happen. Same if there is no spike. The king must destroy all himself to be sure to have 100%. So if you summon troops and go directly to the gate and let’s your troops destroy all behind make sure you have turn back or you got a 97%-99%. Probably the game don’t take in count all tower destroy same if you got a 2 crowns notification who confirm all his destroy

So be sure to be alone or if you summon troops follow them to be sure to have 100%. My best trick be alone no trouble this way. So for the rest I will do it alone

My problem is not that I scored 99%. It happens (even if I’m sure I destroyed everything). My point is that I played in an island that should not have been there. There was also an Archimede beast in “my” island 3 at the first attempt.


Never happen to me sorry. Sometime i did them twice but they have never change between try. Strange…

Hello, we checked tier10, and island 3 from the Ninja event, and found no Beast, either no Gate Towers.

Level 5 has a Beast, and 3 gate towers, just like your described. Your situation is quite unique, also you described later that you saw the Archimedes Beast, which only appears on level 26, which also contains 3 gate towers but is way longer than a normal level, so you could tell from the path and number of towers + the difficulty (if the issue is that they switched).

Quite puzzled by what happened to you, we will keep on watching for similar issues/claims in the future to find out, thank you for forwarding.

Thanx Florian!

In fact, many strange things are happening to me in this last period.

  1. I had a weird island3 in ninja event.

  2. All my 15 pal chests disappeared and were replaced by 2 green pal chests (containing no pal treats) when “speed cup” ended. Luckly, my pal chests reappeared soon after (i took some screenshot as evidence of this isssue).

  3. And finally, i met a transparent orange ogre playing as celestial Phoebe in one of the frustival bases i raided Yesterday. Unfortunately i havent a screenshot of this cuz i died in a sec   

I solemny swear im not mad and i do not use psychotropic drugs or medications. I even dont drink beer and co.



And now…what is this???