Ninjas not working?

I saw this just before the last Ninja event as well - none of my ninjas are moving after their first strike. They kind of stand in a place after a while no matter what i do like Hero Scream! Is this a bug? Is anyone else seeing this? Btw, i am on Windows 10.

Attaching a video showing this. I tried to go back as many times as possible to show the Ninjas standing. If this is going to be the case Flare should atleast make them dance :slight_smile:


Hi, I have moved this to the bug section.

Are you sure those are YOUR ninjas? There was a bug like this after last ninja event where defense ninjas would not disappear after being killed, they would just stand there. They could be pushed around and everything lol

If those are defense Ninjas i should be able to kill them right?

Anyway I checked again and those are definitely mine as they appear after getting killed. I don’t watch them closely though so i am not sure since when the issues existed. I did notice it few times before the last Ninja Event but i thought that may due to some tower or due to the feature of Ninja they are standing still. It is surprising that no one else has noticed this; i am inclined to think this has something to do with my account because of that.

Thanks Madlen. Did not know if this was bug or just a funny feature. Hence posted it in the General section.

Would this be fixed in the upcoming version? I know there is lot in your plate. So just curious.

Appreciate the quick turnaround. I am kind of used to this now so i am okay whenever (or if at all) it gets fixed.

the Frozen ninjas are back!