Ninjas usefulness

how much these ninjas are useful

If they:

  • fix the crashes which can declare your loss for the rest of the event (just 1 crash and you’re ****ed)
  • balance the rewards because the current ones are very messed 
  • reduce the cooldown because people can’t wake up to do 1 island of 3min during night
  • and warn players better about how the event really works

the ninja event is very useful overall because the rewards are very good.

hello opelle

iam not talking about ninja event but iam talking about usefulnes of ninjas in the battle :rolleyes:

lol sorry i’m still frustated

They are useful if You have monks or shield to protect them but they Never resist at the end… So they are a little useful.

I think iam not the reason for your frustration :stuck_out_tongue:

I also tried both with monks,heal and shield but they are dying with in a few seconds :ph34r:

I also tried both with monks,heal and shield but they are dying with in a few seconds :ph34r:

In conclusion, I think ninjas are efficient about unit because they kill them but towers kill them instant.

only one or two ninjas are not at all useful I think

Look at This :


but always you have to protect them …They have very less life :ph34r:

My restriction is over ?


I want to Say That ninjas are ameliored knights, That s all ?

I have 3 level 10 ninjas (CoF crashes made it impossible for me to do better.  I finished the event without missing a tower :slightly_frowning_face:  ) and they are alright.  I run with monks and shield which helps, but it’s still often difficult to keep them alive.  I wish you could control when they spawn or at least they would spawn later in the round.  They spawn so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep them from dying immediately.

I think the usefulness is probably related to how many you have.  Having 3 is much better than 2, etc.  I don’t really even notice the ninja when I only have one left. 

They really require a bit more tactic if you want them to be useful, like shielding them regularly, being able to heal them…

Shied + Monk :slight_smile:  raid to gate :slight_smile:

If they jump over a frost trap, you can say goodbye to them or almost in few seconds =/

…+ cannon :slight_smile:

It’s just too hard to keep them alive if they keep dashing, maybe the return when my Shield is on cooldown and then when I can cast the spell, they’re dashing again :slightly_frowning_face:  

The ninjas is useless for me. I am disappointed at putting so much effort into the ninja event only to get 5 dis-functional flies around my head. I have the following suggestions to improve this:

  1. Give me a button to choose when they can start appearing. After press of button remove the button. If this is too difficult just delay them to appear when the intra troops button is active. This will allow time to build my army and to do the first shield at a later time. (Now I summon 5 troops, ninjas appear, I shield, they are gone to attack, I summon rest of army but without shield and when I catch up with my ninjas they are gone and the road is full of leaves - because most bases start with a snake tower)

  2. Let the ninjas ignore snake towers - they do not damage the tower and are just killed by the tower.

  3. The animations of the ninjas is just too fast for my to enjoy them. Although I have competed the ninja event and done all 30 battles, I have not seen one of them until after the event because they were killed so quickly by my army and spells. (I do not know what can be done here, but a slower animation or explosion or something will help)

  4. You might just consider to give them a little more firepower. I like the way they attack lightning tower and fire-bolt tower although even 5 ninjas on a fire bolt does not seem to do much damage. (I may be wrong on this observation because as I said - they are a bit too fast for me)

If you can implement any of the above suggestions I would find those ninjas more useful and will again participate fully in the event. Then there is at least a good reward after the 3 days of gemming and hellish battles.