Ninjas x Zombies x Yetis

Does anyone else feel like defenses become a lot easier with Zombies or Yetis, instead of Ninjas?

Those troops from special Ninja events are really really fun to play
but their potential, especially on the defensive side, is so much lower in comparison with regular Ninjas

  • Zombies
    Just like regular Zombies, from Trioxin tower, they can be a little annoying infecting allies, but they are very easy to kill
    Move slow, have low damage, and no survivability
  • Yetis
    Has battlecry, very high damage and invencibility on big Yeti form, but it’s just soooooo slow that we can completely avoid all of the attacks
    And it takes too long for them to transform into the big one, so they usually die on little Yeti form, which is harmless
  • Ninjas
    When not killed right away they become invulnerable while dashing with a very high damage, most of the time lethal, that we just can’t avoid once we become their target 

Ninjas are so strong and lethal (IMO, sometimes even too much), and the other 2 event troops are so weak

Yetis have actually been better than I was expecting. 

Swordrain does nothing to them and the temporary stun does not prevent the yeti transformation. 

If you let them go by you, you can say goodbye to your tent. I’ve lost 2 raids because of this already. ?

The big yeti deals Viking like damage (3 hits and you’re dead). It can be enough to kill you if you didn’t notice the transformation.


The stone ninjas were very strong (the strongest of all mercenaries). Other troops will pale in conparison. 

Well, I use Hammer against them, instead of Swordrain, it’s enough to kill them in one hit, even without any perks

I haven’t experienced the tent destruction yet, because Hammer leaves none of them behind
But I’ve noticed Archers seem to not be targeting them, and I don’t know if that’s happening to other units
So if you leave them behind, they might be walking free to the tent depending on the combo used

I recognize big Yeti has a very high damage but, like I said, he’s too slow to reach us and deal that damage, so all that threat can be easily avoided

When Ninjas start their dashing effect, you know you are already in trouble/dead if your HP is low
When Yetis start their transformation effect, you can simply keep a small distance from the slow, melee, big Yeti, and you’ll be safe

Ninjas seem to be the only event troops with a real threat potential

I’m used to solo raiding with Fritz (and some variations of it, like adding archers, monks or mummies), so that’s why I got my tent destroyed a couple times and why I miss being able to 1 hit kill them with my Swordrain.

With a full army the Yetis really are subpar.

Even at full HP, the 5300+ ninjas would kill me in 2 seconds. They’re deadly. :wink:


I’ve been doing only solo raids lately
Bladestorm, Heal, Hammerstrike + Archers and Fritz (+insta Cannons in case the base has Frosty Fritz, because that rolling beast is crazily lethal and needs to die as fast as possible)
And defensive Yetis, even on max level, seem really weak to me

I know!  :stuck_out_tongue:  That’s exactly my point, and the reason why I made this topic 

Even the worst version of Ninjas is so much better than Yetis/Zombies, on the defensive side

Shall we maybe make a forum survey about this?

Let’s take raiding with a huge army, in solo raids, you can one shot all and they won’t be much of a problem. When you rely on a big army, yetis are trash. They do nothing. Zombies are annoying, cause they infect your army. Ninjas are the deadliest, plus stone ninjas are most annoying. In general, yetis are the weakest of them all, that’s why the yeti event was the easiest ever

Ninjas are best, then zombie not far behind and aaaaaaall the way at dead last are the yetis

I think the Yeti event was easier mostly because the levels had old designs with old war boosts. No Trioxin, Gargs, Heal Towers, no pro boosts, etc.

Beasts were updated (the Fritz on lvl29 was nasty), but that’s about it.


I liked the change of scenery. There could be even more types of mercenary troops, even if they’re not stronger than ninjas.

Zombies are just as bad as Yetis IMO

Just by the fact that Zombies don’t really have a special effect, like Ninjas’ dashing or Yetis’ transformation, that would give them a moment of invencibility like both other event troops have, put them really far behind from Ninjas

I like it too, a lot!

Like I said on my first post, the special event troops are really fun to play. And I totally support more types of troops being added to the game

I just want them to be fun on the offensive side, but still strong on the defensive side, and that’s not really happening right now

could be interesting

If you rely on your army and they infect them, it can happen that your entire army is gone. Which is a big problem when you don’t use a combo with strong offensive spells and an offensive pal like fritz. If you use ceres and everything is gone, you lose.

All depends on the combo. For solo raids, none of them is strong

For solo raids Ninjas are super strong… and scary :stuck_out_tongue:  
because when they dash, they will directly target the hero and, once they do that, there is no way to avoid all that deadly damage

I like all three units Zombis -\> are so funny and infect Yetis -\> help on the distance Ninja -\> the strength of the ninjas depends on the type of damage they distribute I wish for 2019 that we see the Ninjas and Yeti not only once a year.