When I tried to access the ninja event, it said they were arriving in 34 days 14 hrs and has been counting down since. As far as I can tell, I’m completely updated. Went to the app in the windows phone store and it doesn’t have the option to update, so it should be good. I did go inactive tho, so that may be why. Any idea as to why I can’t go to it?

It could be under maintenance, I can’t even connect to play! Current version is 2.5.2, if you want to update on iOS , delete the game, dl again play as new til it gives you option to play saved game on iCloud, use that option then your game is store with newest update. That’s how it work on my phone.

yah same problem to me also

I am also couldn’t able to connect…

what is with this game??? :angry: :angry: :angry:

at the start you need to be active

and have 900 trophies OR be member of alliance

Also if you didn’t meet the requirements at the beginning of the event, you have to wait until the next one to join. 

not that I can’t able to connect with the game. It’s always says couldn’t established connection. I am in the 2nd position in ninja war

what’s that??? When will be I connect again???

I can’t connect too. It’s been two hours about now. Server just don’t connect :slightly_frowning_face:

please tell me please…

Whenever we have an update regarding the situation, we will let you know. 

Is that any kind of joke. I am using so many gems and then the game has been crashed!!! If you don’t recovered it soon or If I can’t back the same war in the same position I want my gems back.

@Alysea   How many updates more u need to get rid of this BUGS??  LOOL.

Don’t forget that when it will be still going in this direction soon u will have not much to do here…every game do not exist without players!!!

I didn’t sleep at night properly for this war and you are casually telling us that it crashed.

Word “crashed” is the most used word in whole Failgames Forum :wink:

The game is so batter before updating. If your is not complete then why are you launched it??? This update is working only for harassment of all players… Ninjas are coming!!! It will be batter to tell that crashed is coming… :angry:

And one more question. I got stuck on island 26 due the game crushed.I have never ever had an internet problem

I.m playing on 1 Gbps connection like u see. since the ninjas are here my game crushed. Other “lucky” players got to the end and will get nice rewards.

Where is the justice here.???  Problem is on your side but i.m punished for this. @Alysea. did Failgames prepared some compensation for such a people like me???

I await an answer form your side…thanks.

This is something that I informed the team about yesterday. 

I’ll let you know once I have additional information.