Nnijas Stolen Now?

@flaretara this is getting silly.  Now with the fix you’ve taken the ninjas away?  I paid 270 gems to get to 5 ninjas, and now they are just gone?

Please, get it together.

hmm… my ninjas also disappear!

Can confirm. Also, today’s update doesn’t mention anything about the reduced cooldown (4h down from 8h) on daily Pal Chests.

They post it on Official Announcement regarding Bela Collector Event.


I’m missing my ninjas as well


Alliance The Unknown Heros

Also still have not received crystals or my pro chest.

When I am on the “Prepare For Battle” screen it shows the Yeti not the ninja lol.

UPDATE: Have Ninja’s. Still no pro rewards. Thank you guys for helping :slight_smile:

Update #2 Just got Pro Chest!!!. 

Thanks again for all the help!!!

CHEERS! :slight_smile:


Both defence and attack ninjas are gone. 

I hope they are back before the start of the war season, as my defence isn’t as strong as it should be and I will be unable to win as many skulls on attack.

Sort it out guys!

For everybody not having their IGN listed here in the forum: Can you please give me your IGN and alliance name? @PicklePete @BATTLEHOUSE and @mss73 you should have your ninjas now. Can you please confirm that the ninja fix worked for you?

There are several russian players affected.

It is mass problem

Invizzzible, Alliance of Ghost

ninjas are gone.

No pro chest, no crystal no ninja :slightly_frowning_face:

IGN: fil25, Croatia

Help me on my ninja too.

IGN: Momo D


plus the pro reward still missing.

I have ninje now. thx.

Now just missing pro rewards…

Many players lost their ninjas…

Thanks! Ninja is back.


i guess the missing pro reward is a separate issue to deal with now.

Still missing my ninja’s here!   Asjoli    Oranje Legioen

Ninjas gone

Ign Bifi 1er

Team Belgium forever

IGN: Spacebreaker 


I hope You will recompense it. Its unfair when i attack base where enemies has ninjas 

I have ninjas again but do not consider it a fix. It does not give me gold or trophies lost before I realized I was raiding and defending without them, nor make up for the gems I spent to purchase 3 ninjas I did not have for the whole time I paid for. 

Flare needs to realize that when it fails to deliver on promises and sales it has to not just restore to the original state, but compensate for lost time,play and in game value. 

IGN: Hoppala Paşa

Alliance: Turk Kardesler

My ninjas gone defensive and offansive and not received pro league rewards

No pro cheast, no crystal, no ninja

wojciech I, Polskie Grajki