No activation of war benediction


My alliance has won the war, and 2 of the 3 war benedictions have been correctly activated in game: the door of chaos in not activated in my defense, although in the war benediction menu it is. The sirene and the Styx work.

I don’t know if it is the same for others, but is it possible to fix this please? Name : Beefounet

War is great btw, it makes the game more interesting, thanks!!


Edit : sorry about that, actually I tested my defense and it is activated. There is no purple on the gate in the defense map or in the gate info that shows the activation, which led to my mistake.


Hey Beefounet,

Have you tested your defense? The Gate Blessing is not currently shown on your Defense Map in the loadout, but once you reach the Gate you should see the black holes appearing. If the blessing is activated in the menu, it should certainly show up in game, but it does not have the purple visual effect in battle, which other units have, you can only recognise that it’s active via the chaos black holes.

The gate-blessing is imho completely useless. Have fought against a few boosted gates without a visible effect. But the holes look cool.  :wink:

Yes it correctly activated, sorry I didn’t test.

I updated my topic.

Thanks for the quick reply!