No Beginners guide?

I seaeched a lot. I could not find a beginner guide. I mean for example most games like these hav a strategy to start right. For example upgrading throne room a lot and your gold loot is reduced from lower level thrones room. Any link or guide available. Im confused about right time to upgrade throne room

I’m sure someone else will have a better answer regarding the guide.

What I can tell you is that you have to upgrade certain buildings i.e. wizards tower, castle gate etc before you can upgrade throne room.

When you click on throne room it will tell you what you still need to upgrade. The idea though is to upgrade the throne room on each level as that unlocks new spells, troops etc.

Thanks. I figured tht out spells n troops r vital for progress. What im confused is that there are lot of defensebdlg like archer tower, barricades etc. I can skip them and do throne room to get more spells and troops. Normally in similar games they put some penalty like a player of lower throne room can take more gold of u which discourages player to not upgrade throne room unless he completes all of bldgs. Is it same here? Any disadvantages of upgrading throne room before boring defnese building.

I also noticed that you hav limited amount of buildings allowed. So is it worth to upgrade defnese to max level to find out in future I hav better defense to do then noob ones.

Also there are so many troops and spells like I use this palladin who is always walking slow and never in party with knigts.

There is no guide here to guide you ifs and don’ts. Normally these games hav a guide so you are not puzzled!!

You can play and upgrade things however you want , just be sure to upgrade your spells and troops (and also unlock the 3rd slot for both) to a strong enough level before climbing up the ranks because the higher you go the tougher are the bases , you will need stronger and better spells for that.Theres no penalty in this game.Upgrading your alliance tower to around 50k will help you join some good alliance as you progress., see if the links have something that can help like the wikia and Flothaboss’ videos.


Theres no guide for beginner so far on the forum , non that is pinned as far as I know but we’ll try to put that up in the future.Hard to find someone to do beginner’s guide as most active forum members are high level players now.You can pm some veteran members to ask some basic question including me.I’m sure they will help.

If you Google royal revolt 2 wikia, there is some information.

RR2 works on offence (attack to get gold for upgrades) but also defence (towers, barricades etc.) to protect your gold.

Your paladin, troops are always behind your king unless you use scream boost ~ top left hand corner of your screen. This keeps your troops with the king for a short period of time and will cooldown before you can use it again.

Your kings armour is important too, to upgrade. This makes you stronger, allows you to call more troops more often (leadership).

Also watch Flothaboss videos on Youtube.

Thanks. So kind of you guys.

I’m on throne 2 now upgrading to 3. Which defense I should max out (not all of them will feature at high levels as I can replace them with tougher defense?). I hav so many archer towers.

I googled before I posted here. Wikia is giving information in terms of facts n figures. I will try you tubing.

Sorry for the stupid questions and trouble.

Nah , for defence all I can say is not delay your waves upgrade.Towers and obstacles you can neglect until you’ve unlock firebolt tower.Until then , focus on offence.

No trouble, we were all at that level once :slight_smile:

Fii Nami is right, waves before others together with spells and troops.

If you want workers to work than barricades, blockades. If I started again I would only have those and a bomb or 2 until firebolt is unlocked.

You just land up replacing them later on and wasting your gold.

Fii Nami could tell you better whether barricades or blockades.

Alright, this is going to be a long post, but I’ll try to outline some of the most important troops, towers, upgrades, etc. I used to have an older account a while back; I restarted with a new account which I still currently play. I was able to progress a lot faster with my second account because I had a better idea of what to upgrade.



Arrow towers - worthwhile to keep upgrading, but don’t take too many of them past level 6, as they will be replaced with stronger towers

Bomb towers - worthwhile to keep upgrading, might as well max a few (but maxing is not necessary until you are around 70+ in king level)

Frost towers - don’t bother taking past level 1, too weak

Gargoyle towers - don’t bother taking past level 2 or 3, too weak and definitely not worth the money

Firebolt towers - awesome, get several and max them

Snake towers - awesome, get several and max them (these are some of the cheapest towers, by the way. I built a snake before I had a firebolt, even though I unlocked firebolts first.)

Skull towers - awesome, get several and max them



Barricades - if your alliance runs the barricade boost, definitely use barricades. Always worthwhile to upgrade barricades.

Blockades - because there is no boost for the blockade, I wouldn’t use many of them or upgrade them too much (probably not past level 8)

Spikes - don’t invest too heavily in more than 3 spikes. They are relatively weak especially when unboosted



Knights - good

Archers - good

Paladins - eh, not so useful. I wouldn’t use them all that much or upgrade them all that much (unless you had spare loot sitting around or something like that)

Frosters - good. Aim for using one per defensive wave. Nice to upgrade quickly, can stop many an attacking king if they are unable to kill them with swordrain

Cannons - crucial. Unlock and upgrade as fast as possible. Extremely useful in destroying towers

Pyromancers - pretty good. Not as important as frosters, in my opinion. Again, nice if attacking kings cannot kill them with swordrain

Arblasters - good. Kind of pricey to upgrade but definitely worth it.

Mortars - eh, I suppose they are nice. In the absence of boosted troops mortars are pretty good. But against boosted troops they might be outmatched



Hammerstrike - good at the beginning, also good at mid-ranks if it is high level. Expensive though

Toxic cloud - not that useful

Stun - Some people like it, I don’t. Obsolete at higher level gameplay

Firestorm - useful before sonic blast. Try to keep it up to par to take down firebolt towers, especially at low ranks

Swordrain - great. Definitely place a good deal of priority on leveling up this spell

Heal - Not as good as shield, but definitely cheaper

Blizzard - good. I prefer swordrain, but this is definitely something to level up

Bladestorm - good. Needs to be pretty high level to be worth using though, by the time you unlock it

Sonic blast - epic and awesome! Unlock as fast as possible and upgrade as fast as possible. Yes it is expensive


Dungeon units are good, unlock as fast as possible. You will probably need scrolls for some of the dungeons (or maybe a lot of them); it is a good idea to attack dungeons when your troops are boosted. I used battlecry and summons for most of my dungeons, those two scrolls work well together and are fairly cheap in gems. Make sure to practice scrolling on your own base before trying it in a dungeon, though :grinning:


I wouldn’t spend too much on taverns, their output is too small. You should try to keep your silo as big as possible and keep each individual farm ahead of your bread-cost-per-battle. Speaking of which, try not to do extraneous raiding or wasting of gold, because you don’t want to level up your king too far ahead of your upgrades. Otherwise you will be outmatched in the majority of your battles and have a rough time of things. (I know this from experience on my older account.) :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if you are on Android or Windows, but regardless, be careful with spending gems. If you are willing to pay real money then gems will not be a problem, but if you are a free player like me then don’t spend them on hardly anything. Never speed up an upgrade, don’t buy inventory slots and don’t break ruins. Don’t buy bread or gold with gems. Unlock the third spell slot first, and maybe even the third units slot. Those two purchases are critical to buy as soon as possible. Then you can spend more gems on stuff. I wouldn’t buy many landscapes though, that’s not a necessary use of your gems.


It’s not necessary to upgrade your castle guard past level 8 for a long time. The castle gate is good to upgrade though. The treasure chamber is not a necessity until later.


As for upgrading the throne room, I believe it generally requires you to keep most of your other buildings “up-to-date” with your throne room, at least somewhat. But I don’t think pushing the throne room level will create too much of a disadvantage with your raiding. Just make sure to keep your spells and troops up to date.


Finally, if you can find a good alliance, they will help you to grow into a stronger king, give you advice, tips, and so on. Good luck and happy raiding! :slight_smile:

Dude if you seriously want to know about gameplay and everything…i suggest you to read various topics that had been posted before in the various topics like general discussion,suggestion and improvements.most of your queries will be answered automatically.

And if you still have doubts you can post any query of yours here in forum,believe me masters of the game are present here they will tell you anything.

Good luck and enjoy:)

Try these. These may help you 

  1. Unlock the third spell and troop slot

2.Upgrade Building ( Throneroom, wizard tower, …) first priority. Do not focus on building and upgrading defence towers and traps 

3.Upgrade your Troops

  1. Upgrade waves

  2. Upgrade your alliance tower to get better allaince so you can grow with the elite boosts

  3. While upgrading Towers focus on barricades and after that bomb tower until you unlock skull tower. 

  4. Keep an eye on top 10 players base designs


I totally agree - we need a great beginner’s guide in the forums!


Maybe I can motivate some players to write an amazing one if I reward them with Gems? That might be worth looking into!

Awesome post, Merlin! :slight_smile:

Basically agree with nearly all of what you said, except some very minor details… toxic cloud spell is useless at high lvl, but fairly cheap and quick to upgrade initally and can early on be very helpful against bases with many paladins or arblasters. And blizzard… is awesome at higher lvl gameplay :slight_smile:


@soma: Nice list also. 

Though, of course, looking at top10 bases isn’t really useful for starting out, and won’t become much useful before you reach a fairly high lvl yourself. High lvl bases depend heavily on boosted troops, so without a high-lvl alliance you have to use different troop types to make an effective base, and different tower and troop characteristics also require other base designs… so, looking to the top might be nice for a rough hint at which tower types remain useful to the top, but many things change over time. 




Sounds like an epic quest for big rewards :wink:


Basic “design question”: Rather have one interwoven, overall starter guide, or several mostly separate guides/modules focussing on different aspects and parts of the game? 

I guess several guides work and chunk up the work

They topics could just be added to the important links topic or a seperate “game guides” sticky.


Base Upgrading Guide

Defense Guide (Maze/Waves)

Offense Guide

Dungeon Guide

Gem & Pearls Spending Guide

Beginners Guide (what to do up to level 20)

Intermediate Guide (what to do up to level 50? 80?)

Pro Guide (what do do at level 80-120)


I bet there are many more guides possible :slight_smile:

Yes let’s add this important topics the FAQ button, then who cares for Windows? They don’t have the button for “technical reason” this is the answer has been telling to me 

Thanks, Heroesflorian! :wink:

Err well… ok, by now I actually have crossed the lvl 90 king mark, so probably I’m a high lvl king now actually… though I didn’t mean to show off my “arcane high lvl knowledge”, I just thought when sonic blast and it’s usefulness up to higher lvls (last unlocked spell, probably not available to actual beginners either) gets mentioned, blizzard should be noted a little bit more as well, no big deal.

But basically your post above was very detailed and helpful and I probably can agree with pretty much anything there, so once again, nice job done there. :slight_smile:

And high lvl raiding experience is probably useful, but nothing that will make me write considerably better *starting tips* than watching a few high lvl raid videos from others will.

Rather, it might come into play for advanced/high-lvl guides, but there probably even higher lvl players and more experienced raiders than me exist, even among the relatively small group of forum mods (hint: e.g. look for the guy with 2nd most forum posts). :grinning:

Level 90?!

You guys are amazinh. Best gaming community ever. I hav been a gm and a mod for a official indian gaming company. If I acted so lazy and stupid I would been flamed to death.

Thank u so much. I can hav a decent start. :slight_smile: