No Birthday Festival?

I can’t believe there’s no Birthday Festival.

Is this Flare phoning it in (with one birthday chest)?

Or are they currently revamping the festival system, and it’s down?


Picture this: 2 Birthday Festivals in 2 straight years

Won’t happen, I think it’ll be an update with more bugs :lol: 

It would almost be like a Birthday Party.  Something we do every single year.  What would be the odds?!  :blink:


Since when has flaregames ever done something 2 times in a row? Answer me that. Not a Christmas festival, we had 2 straight years with festivals in December, but only one was a Christmas one. So maybe a spring Festival is up next. Shouldn’t be expecting a Bday Festival

The fact that no one of Flare is talking about the 4.0 update and related things is because they want to give you the surprise of the update. Next week with the birthday chest we’ll have the new update. Trust or no trust :grinning:  

Yes, exactly my thoughts! Since there has been no update thus far, it’s pretty easy to conclude that something will happen next week. Can’t wait! 

Version 4.0: New Feature: The Bug Pal! 

Or they’re on vacation doing absolutely nothing and letting the community come up with possible explanations for flare’s inactivity, imagining there’s something big in store to explain the silence, while there actually isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely this indeed.

As long as I’ve been playing they always do Halloween and always something for the Holidays!  They better have something for their Birthday!

My guess is a big update, like I said before

I’m fine with that!  :slight_smile:

I hope indeed something good’s about to happen  <_<

Sometimes your thoughts surprise me :huh: :huh:
… but, that’s your thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we have a new update with new units and they do a festivals around them, like with the vikings festival…