No Black Smith or community week event


Its been long since we have a community week or Black Smith event. Can we have one of them this week?

I remember few month ago when Madlen have come they have say : ‘’ We will listen you more now’’

each time we ask something. We have nothing. So in my dictionnary its not what I call listening more. If you do. Long time we will have a community week. We ask for it since december and wait for again and again and again. I am sure RR2 have a lots of new player now. So please help them with those events. Its that a good company do. Add event who help new player to grow. That will show you care of them and you want to keep them.

Well, usually when somebody asked for a Black Smith-Event we got a Granny-Event. So please stop asking!

Agree lol we have ask for a community week and we have got a Pal collector event. So I guess you have right.No more asking