No blacksmith event for me

The blacksmith event has started. The banner is informing me that the event is on but no real benefits for me. No higher chances to get a successful forging, no discounts for hero and blacksmith slots, no x 3 for melted items, etc etc…
Help meeeee!!! I’m flushing precious time and pearls

Were you online once the event started? If so, you must click the banner and push “let’s start” (or something like that) button. Only then you’ll get the benefits of the event.

If that’s not the case, then you better contact support!
Best regards

No, the event already started when I got online. I logged in about 5 min after the event began. I know that events don’t start at time when one is online when they start.
Now everything is back to normal but I’ve lost about 30 min and many pearls. Still disappointed :pensive:

Yeah, I can understand. Don’t be disappointed, those 30min wouldn’t make a great difference anyway. BUT, you may still contact support and get a compensation for it! :man_shrugging:
That would actually turn out to be a bonus (I had similar problems in the past)

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