no chests after winning castle-fight

After the smid was installed by Flare-games it happens that after i win the castle-fight i don’t get to choose the 6 chests. The game ends and i have to restart the game.The gold i’ve won is on the account but the choise off the 6 chests is gone. This happens a lot off times. I play the game on PC with Win 10.What is going on

I got the same issue after upgrading to windows10.  Seems to be a bug that forces RR2 to crash at that point.  It happens to me 1 over 4 attacks.  v annoying and taking away from game enjoyment, especially in war time.

I contacted flare ages ago, but they have not come back with a resolution, and looking at forum, have not resolved this issue either.

IGN Kurchill