No Christmas, daily chest

It’s markt that i open it, but it’s not true …

Yes, I had the same feeling, but was doubting myself.

Came looking on the forum for confirmation, but in the mean time found something out.


When I open my game on Windows 10, the chest is indeed marked as collected.
But then I opened the game on my Android device and there the chest was still available.

I’ll throw this out there too about my daily chest I just opened…

I’m on Windows 10 desktop PC.

My chest showed as a present + daily gems

When I clicked on It…it showed I was getting a Pal chest + daily gems.

After I collected the chests and went to open them it showed a present + daily gems.

I opened the present and there was 3 uber armor pieces, 102 pearls, 163 gems, and 1,064 pal food.

When I returned to the daily rewards screen it showed a green check mark and that I had opened a pal chest and is currently showing I get another present tomorrow.

Just thought I’d share.

Here’s a screen capture.

Back to normal :slight_smile:
but the player is allergic on taht kind of situations :grinning:
Natural reaction : another issue :slight_smile:

:wink:  100% accordance

Mine also appears correct now.