No clan chat gold reduction

Have just been on after update can’t chat in clan and have just noticed I’m now only getting 40k per fight come on flare I was getting 65k an hour ago

You and everyone of us we will get the same gold so stop complaint and play the game… Same rules for all 

Damn? It was hard enough gettin ppl to talk without chat being frakked?


Regarding the chat, we are already working on it and it should be fixed shortly. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles.

Awesome!:slight_smile: a speedy reply?:slight_smile:

Yes we all get a gold reduction but the players 40 levels lower than me and high in fame will be recieving more, possibly double the gold. Just makes game play slower again. Unless you spend gems.

I still don’t see higher players moving up the hall of fame rankings as of yet. Fights may seem tougher but I’m yet to be stopped in the dozen fights I just made. No invocation used, which is how I like it. Finding a lot more items now too.

I did play the game and I’m back to the forums…

Theoretically this players with low level high ranking they will go down… So they will not get double gold 

I can confirm that is not the case so far. But in time that may change