No COF Skull - Conquest War

A member of my ally reported, he got no COF skull when he did his first CQ war raids, but then after other members joined in he can get it. He’s guessing: if there’s less than 3 members at the tile at war, we get no COF Skull? Is this true? Why this crucial matter is not mentioned in last CQ update description? Why FG made this unnecessary change; enough with ridiculous % bonus skull, then added this COF skull issue ?

No, you still get CoF skull with normal amount even with single hero raider. I did 1 vs 5 this time (and lost caused by new rule about bonus battle. lol).

Perhaps, that’s one of war bug that inconsistent appear? Because I got all CoF skull when did single raid.

Oh it’s a bug?
Thanks for the info ‘lone wolf’ ?

Hi Play For Fun,

Did your alliance member open all chests in the Chamber of Fortune and did not receive any skulls? Or did he open only some chests in the CoF?

He said he didn’t get COF windows after his first battles, members at war at that tile was less than 3 when the bug occurred.
After other member joined in (3 members at that tile), he got COF windows for his next war raid.
Note: He always opens COF skull (if available) during war. Me too, all out, all COF open, scroll-to-win, best customers at this game. ?