No Communication From Devs

Out of every great ios game ive played this is hands down the worst communication from a development team ive ever seen. The game is amazing and has so much potential and we have yet to hear anything from you guys. What’s comin to the game in the future? What updates are currently in the works? What changes are coming to the current game so we can best prepare? All we have is pure silence and the occasional forum response. We had to create a global line group because the game feels dead otherwise even though theres tens of thousands playing. Theres no excuse for crappy communication so whats the deal?

I would agree with some of these points. Games a lot of fun, and addicting. More fun in an alliance with Line App (active chat, means you forget about the isolation game gives off when your in it). I don’t see lone wolf players staying in this game long because of the isolationist feel it gives off. This issue is a non factor for me as I am in an alliance that’s hyper active. That being said…there is zero insight as to what you guys have going on down the pipeline. As much as I like surprises, it helps when you can let us know when an area of the game we have issues with will be addressed, no details really needed. If you can ballpark when the next update release is expected that’s even better. It only takes a few minutes to post ?

Also agree!


I have to also agree with this post! It really is a fantastic game and there is lots of potential to improve the game in many different ways. I am really excited to see what will happen in the future regarding 

  • What the decorations bring
  • Global Chat Option (pretty much a must)
  • New/Existing Character/Unit development
  • More buildings on Mount Olympus potentially
  • Further Customization of attacking area - different themes potentially like desert/jungle etc etc

There are so many elements of this game which can improved and worked on and I for one am very excited to see where this goes! Really does feel like the game has been released and its just been put on the side to trundle along. 

Great to hear there has been an update but I agree with Arkanis! 

So great theres a game update. A few hundred people use the forum. Many thousands play the game. Why wouldnt you put the update information in game in a news tab? Come on these are such simple and obvious things. 

I totally agree, announcements would be great.