NO COMPENSATION for free Pro Tickets!

Hello everybody, long time no see.

some time ago i left nearly all forums I’m registered, but i feel in need to come back for this post and REALLY HOPE someone @flare will see this, hopefully react. as I’ve heard today the Pro League won’t continue and free tickets just get deleted in less than 3 weeks? Yeah to most that’s no deal since only some people have more than 5 tickets in stock… but there exist some (maybe call them niche) players who play loyal for many years, but rarely hardcore and sometimes only do the events. they level up slower and many of them (by the way im also in this player group) probably are not level 101 yet (where you can start pro league with lvl130 max reward guaranteed) but just saved all the FREE TICKETS to play there for the best ingame equip when they reach this lvl.

What just happened now (if these tickets really just get deleted): its a HUGE disadvantage. i also would consider this highly unfair. All these tickets expire WITHOUT fair reimbursements (or any at all) and there is NO CHANCE to just use them for leagues. thats a flop…

for myself as example this means: 30 tickets getting deleted (i just switched lvl 100 like a week ago) wanted to start proleagues like in april or so - yeah great timing i know.
the reason why i left most forums is because of these people who will probably try to explain now, that it was free so no reason to be upset. please guys im done with this kind of talk - you should realize what kind of disadvantage it means to have like 30 unused participations most of the bigger players surely already absolved back then when they got the free tickets. i have to blame flaregames here, kicking the butts of many longterm active players and the VERY FIRST THING IN ALL OF RR2 i just cant accept to be true. It’s just to frustrating.
Also some of my friends (i introduced them to RR2 and gave them advice to keep them until they benefit from rewards they can use for ever) have similar situation and already saw some people asking just in the feedback thread.
if i had a wish: i want pro league to continue so this injustice would not be real.

but this big Decision was made, and I know the team will not cancel this. So all i have left is the wish for reimbursement. 400 gems per free ticket maybe (btw 30 tickets mean that i checked this little backyard panel in about a monthly pause period for 2,5 YEARS - and like many others i atleast was active daily in this whole time period) or something fairly priced ingame (maybe some important and reasonably priced item in the new season mode as EQUIVALENT exchange).

again some toxic members will say everyones own fault if the tickets are not used (in time!) - but ofc noone could know that there is the END of pro leagues after just 2,5 -3 years (e.g. war season are way less fun to my understanding and been going on since release i think ? (I started 5 years ago) - so the players couldn’t know this. and it’s sad fact that flare didn’t bother to give everyone the chance to spend all there tickets within leagues (OR AT LEAST some possibilty to play old pro leagues (each once if not played before) and just accumulate rewards based on the leaderbords back than or whatsoever) and then i read every now and then that there are cheaters getting boatloads of crystal and so on… obviously this them makes the real disadvantage give by this decision even worse.

there would have been ways to not upset this niche player base, but - based of what i know now - this longterm loyal part of the rr2 playerbase seems to get screwed like there was nothing before in RR2 - to experience this whil there is a brithday celebration gives me a bitter taste. Really sad that’s the actual situation - but i wouldn’t write this all just for nothing - i just have hope that the Team gets in touch with this problem. Maybe they just forget about this situation since there are so many highendplayers pushing forward… idk

And i really hope that all of the RR2 community can agree with what i said here (toxic trolls probably excluded (dont know if some of them are still around lol)) - I mean honestly think of this situation. Its affecting only some players with a huge amount of damage - no community should be willing in taking this, idk what kind of community the RR2 forum is about - but i hope it’s still kind of healthy and stable.

And just to end this, when you have 30 Tickets thats 22.500 gems (something like 100 € or $) ingame worth of an item that was heavily bought from many top players over 2,5 years (with heavily i mean that it REALLY MUST HAVE IT’S WORTH - not like most skippable upgrade times).
And often when there have been problems i remember seeing things like “omg after this glitch i will leave rr2” or whatsoever. But after this i really think some will sadly do it - im talking about players like myself (i dont say im leaving) that started on a way to low level when pro leagues came out and said to themself “once i finally get on this high level i also will fight for my rewards and enjoy the leagues” - and now that we are here, just a tiny bit before reaching a goal set in 2017 (!!!) all we can read feels like “yeah, well … you finally wont get your chance”

I’m sorry for this long paragraph - but it’s the first issue i need to address. I think flare did a great job developing this game and even if there were bugs - it always was fine in the end. But i think there never has been a disadvantage this enormous and i hope this is not the final state of the decision with pro-leagues ticket handling.

Heck even if they just bring 750 for every ticket you currently have… in my case (and i only played one pro league ever) this wouldn’t be enough gems for the 25k BS purchase (slot 4, no discount) - so i think regarding that all these tickets bring nothing from the so long planned pro-leagues and you can spend so much gems everywhere (e.g. event chests for some better rewards) - i even would consider the FULL REIMBURSEMENT of the 750 f(l)air Game ^^ - even if not paid for it, but really ingame worth it.

Thats it. I hope the communtiy can stand up for disadvantages (ofc all these niche players will try to, since they are affected. - But a good player base community shoul always stand up for injustice.

Thanks for your time, i appreciate it,
have a great day everyone !!!

P.S.: #flairgame :blush:


Free tickets should not be rewarded its for sure

In the past that was possible to donate free tickets. That was hugely exploited by multiacc players. I’m pretty sure some of them still use these “free” tickets with their own free tickets without byuing even one. So yes, it’s really bad idea of compensation for free tickets.

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Everything has a value… Free Tickets should have a value too… If you take away free pro tickets just like that, it would seem that free tickets are not worth anything… As per the notice, flaregames wont even compensate for the chest earned ticket because it is free? No, it is not free… It was players’ reward… YOU CANT SNAP AWAY REWARDS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A FAVOUR!!! That’s foul play, for certain… Ofc, FG won’t give heed to this thread and discard this like just other threads…

My suggestion, don’t give 500 gems for free ticket, not even 100… simply convert the tickets into pro crystals of worth 2500+ (depending on whatever factor you like) and add it to the total pro crystals a player has… And while converting the pro crystals to gems, the free tickets will be compensated…


My suggestion- dont remove pro tickets at all
Let them be without pro leagues


Flare can “compensate” ONE free ticket, with gems or a pro chest but thats it.

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Well, i can’t understand the hoarding fact of pro league tickets. And yea i might be « toxic » saying this but this is your fault.

You know you could have just played and accumulated the crystals and then buy when you wanted the items. I can’t believe you waited 2+ years.

Don’t be mistaken I also like PL and am very sad that it will be gone. But accumulating tickets for no reason I just can’t figure it out …

Hello folks.

So first of i just looked ingame in seeing tickets can be bought for 400 so my gem example would be outdated (i wont edit the initial post) when I said 750 gems, i would change this value to 400 (in my mind were 750 maybe this was a former pricing?) now to the responses:

@EDz Ok - didnt know that. there i have to add that flare should have seen this coming. i mean come on when they release free ticket as donatable things then the first thing such a developed company should think about if there could be abuse of this… anyway this harms all players that just earned it the fair way and making exploits possible should NEVER harm those who played fair. so your argumentation shouldn’t counter my intention here

@GrimScythe2001 THANK YOU - only real positive reaction i could see … (thats kind of sad, dont know if the other replies even read all i wrote, i know its much but i dont come back to forums after years for nothing of importance. and yes crystal conversion is also possible action they could do - in the end i just want fair value like everyone playing on this niche section and not just putting earned rewards in the trash can.

@Alumbri so that you can understand hopefully better: I’m describing a niche player section - very few play like this - thats very slow progress of leveling up and why MANY people, that play rr2 longterm just much slower than others didn’t use their tickets is just TO GET THE FULL VALUE - thats the importance. if you get lvl 102 pro gear u already know once you level up enough it will be worthless - meanwhile top players spend the exact same tickets but since their level is higher they get guaranteed lvl 130 pro rewards probably lasting for a long time (until today btw) - thats when dedicated player would decide “hey alright imma lvl up slow but steady and once i am in range i finally can profit” - thats how playing games for people with way less time to spend is about - as long as they are willing to plan longterm.

and to add to the conversation…
whoever just said free tickets should belong to trash can: now - please answer me: did you use your free ticket since it fitted your playstyle and got some rewards from this FREE SOURCE ? and maybe you used over 30 free tickets in the past years got lots of nice rewards and now when you hear someone of a different kind of playing rr2 say that it’s unfair TO NOT BEING ABLE to spend the same free source on the same purpose and having an EQUAL chance of rewards is alright ? And just when the purpose gets deleted, it still shouldn’t be a compensation, (or call it an alternative and equal way of using the same FREE SOURCE others could use in the past) just because that how the game is?
To be honest - those who replied like this really don’t care about others as long as they are not in the same boat I’m pretty sure about it. I’m talking about the biggest disadvantage I’ve ever witnessed in a multiplayer game (I’ve been part of more than 20 just in the last few years).
Alright I can unterstand you may don’t want to care and help others you have never heard of. That’s pretty common behaviour nowadays. But just something like “me not like others getting compensation when they unlucky by PL shutdown and they didnt spend. i got my rewards and is ok for me - so should be ok for everyone too!” - i think i dont go further into detail here, or?

One last important thing to notice concerning “our” niche player base - its not like we are a seperate communtiy - in fact i obviously only know very few who belong to this - but i know that there are people out there playing like this and setting their goals. And just imagine this situation:
A dedicated player accepts the reward system and sets himself this goal: “I will participate as soon as i get best rewards!” knowing it could take 1-3 years (back in 2017 that was EXACTLY my expectation and motivation - and I’m no unique stand-alone player with this. Now this player just started PL or is in range of lvl 101 (for me its lvl 100) and after setting this longterm goal, just starting to finally achieve it and make 2020 a great PL-Raiding year: the plan is GONE poooof - that’s my situation, for example, this was my vision of RR2 Endgame for myself as for some others. This wont happen and it’s sad. But even worse is that the seemingly wise decision of waiting for best rewards gets crushed this radical with nothing left…

@FLAREGAMES If you really bring the free tickets into the trash can this will only impact very few players but would hurt them unbelievably hard - players that were at least until now loyal to the game and planned years ago for a specific moment. Thats devastating…

I REALLY HOPE something can come through to flare and EVERYONE agreeing on this should make his or her voice heard! I dont care if most threads dont impact the Flare team - I didn’t comeback to cry about it - I CAME BACK TO TRY A CHANGE
And one thing i have learned through the years for sure: In the case that there is a POSITIVE / STRONG / HELFUL COMMUNITY - there really can always be a change!

Thanks for your time once again -

There are many cheaters who have hoarded more than 100++++ tickets.

Flare can’t catch all cheaters (most probably the reason why pro league is going to be closed in the first place).

With that in mind, there shouldn’t be any compensation for free tickets, or the game will be further broken by cheaters.

I have extra free tickets won from leagues too, as well as getting one from last war in a pro chest (I had to champ several tiles every single day for that). Thus, this isn’t a case of sour grape. If anything, i would personally gain some if compensation is given for free tickets. However, for the game not to be broken further, I absolutely agree with flare that 0 compensation should be given for free tickets.


Consumed from tickets purchased first. Some may have saved for a particular boost throughout the alliance.I think that it is smarter to adjust this compensation not only for scammers but also for general alliances and users’ psychological trends.

How about a supplement of one pro chest (but a limit of 5~10) per ticket.

If this is the case, those who have bought the ticket or those who have saved tickets will feel better.


I’ve got a lot of free ticket… it’s free so I shouldn’t get a single thing for those… there isn’t any reason to get compensation for those. (it’s my own fault as i should have play more PL)

I was getting together to get a nemesis I can not remove the pro league or eliminate the crystals missing so little I am not one of those people who lose every day this hurts me a lot


Going forward, assuming the new system does not have a new game currency and pal exchange
New users may have to wait for nemesis offers that are easy to buy.

I don’t know how Flare will make an offer for one Nemesis
(It is simply calculated.)
If I can exchange one Nemesis for 1500 yen, I think that it is a bargain considering the labor.
I saved 150,000 crystals and exchanged them…
Although it was a game, the effort was fun.

When reappearing Nemesis as a product lineup in a new game

Setting up a new game currency with a relatively easy way to get Nemesis in about half of this effort will be encouraging for users who have worked hard and couldn’t exchange Nemesis.

Is that real!? Wish they’d give me that offer…4 Nemesis for $56 USD…sheesh. I get $100 rune offers lately, lol.

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A community not willing to stand up for each other is doomed to fall… At least there wont be anything, that this community here could achieve, so this whole place seems just to create pointless opinion sharing. I said enough, wasted enough time - tried for my hope, my friends and equally distributed justice - people here dont want this.
Then go on accepting everything - wasting time in forums or whatever pleasures you.


Boohoo, Poor little thing that is upset at the community because he won’t get any thing from free gift… in any commercial transaction you don’t get reimbursed from free stuff…

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What?! You took 5 years to reach level 100?!
I reached level 100 in <11 months and passed from level 129 to level 130 in <24 hours (and not during events).

I haven’t had one offer for Nemesis, even though others in my alliance have had 2 or 3 offers. I usually get an offer for Nidhogg or Eldrak when Nemesis offers comes out, even though I have both of those dragons and they are maxed. So is Nemesis an easy one to buy? Maybe for some, but sadly not for all. Guess it’s just another “bug” in the system.

Yep, there are some players who don’t devote entire days to RR2, and take much longer to progress than others. Such is life, and no one should be criticized for “taking too long to advance”.


The only way to get a Nemesis offer that seems to be a top-of-the-line offer is if you’ve ever bought a big offer (several times) in Flare this month. Even if you have made a big purchase before, if you have not bought recently, the rank that you receive the offer seems to go down.

For offers that can be exchanged for the highest quality gems, the focus is on whether you currently own the gem to buy it,

I have seen Nemesis’s offer three times.
8 Nemesis X 2 times for 12000 yen
It is one offer of 4 Nemesis for 6100 yen.