No confirmation mail when signing up


One of my team mates wanted to participate to the Trivia Event so he signed up. For unknown reason he didn’t received Flare’s confirmation mail to activate his account. He checked his junk and spam folder but nothing was in there. He tried many times but unfortunately no succes. Anybody else who experienced this issue? Could it be related to the server issues that Flare’s been experiencing lately?

Due to all of this my team mate missed the deadline of the Trivia Event. His name is coolmcmarty (not his IGN but his forum name).

@Alysea What’s going on? 


your friend must have mistyped his email address.

generally this issue has never occurred. I can say this coz every week I am forced to open a new user, but I never had this issue. Even at the server issue I was able to create a new user. So its your friend have mistyped caused this issue.

I can hardly imagine this but I will ask him again if it’s not due to a typo. Thanks!

(btw, what’s the purpose to open a new user every week?)


Could you send me in PM the email he is trying to use for the forums please?

It feels good to start all over.

When I was using firefox browser I tried to send confirmation email like 5 times and didn’t receive any, tried on chrome and got it immediatedly.

Hahaha how many accounts do you already have then? 

Hi Mag, thanks for your reply. I will ask my buddy to check what browser he used. 

Have a nice day!

I have enabled his account, but please ask him to change his email address, as addresses containing “rr2” are automatically filtered. :grinning:

below 100 :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok thanks.  I will notify my buddy. Can you please test the case of Mag? She experienced the same issue when she applied when using Firefox. 

I didn’t have any issue with firefox, as I use only this one myself. But it doesn’t exclude the issue happening to others.

Actually my bad, sorry. I used one email address through firefox and as I couldn’t get the confirmation email I got really annoyed, went on chrome, opened an old gmail account and got the email immediately. So the change of email adress helped, not a browser, though both of those email contained rr2 in thei name.


However, what I can say is really annoying, there is a security math question while signing up on the forum. Idk, but I couldn’t get through it,questions were simple, I wasted 30 minutes trying to answer, I put numbers, I put words as the answer, couldn’t get through it, though questions were simple so I’m sure I did it right, lol. At the end creating a new facebook acc and connectiong through fb was way easier and quicker.

Ok. Then I will rest the case :grinning:

Wouldn’t it be better to place a notification in the sign-up window so users know in advance not to use any kind of words or letter combination in their mail address? 

It would be but it is not unfortunately not possible.

Hi Mag,

it seems when using ‘rr’ and/or ‘forum’ in the mail address flare’s system will filter it hence no activation mail will be sent. Unfortunately it’s not possible for Flare to put some kind of notification in the sign-up window not to use any of these words in the mail address ??

Maybe but as I said, the second email address also had rr2 in it and somehow it worked, so I don’t know. I have many extra email adresses created for uber chests, sadly my poor imagination forces me to use rr2 in them :wink:

Hi Alysea,

Issue is still not solved my buddy just said to me. I will test it myself again when I’m at home and will let you know the outcome in PM. My buddy is getting frustrated ?? Can you activate coolmcmarty again please? He will then send you a PM too. 

Done :slight_smile: