"no controls" bug

Hi guys,

Since more than a month ago i started to experience a “no controls bug”.

You are in the middle of the raid, going good and then suddenly all the controls stop responding. No spells, no troops spawning, no insta troop, no scream, not even the pause button.Nothing. The only thing that still works is  the king’s movement… So you can only wander with your king, watching all your existing troops slowly killed and the raid time slowly slips away.

Even the raid summary controls don’t respond. The only thing left is to manually restart the game. It happens randomly (nothing special i could press by accident).

It happens approximately once in 7-10 raids. During regular raids, no problem, but during a season or ninja, it’s frustrating.

OS: Windows 10

Device: Surface 4 tablet.

Has anyone else experienced this bug?


Yes,  this happens to me every now and then. And i am on android. 

It happens to me in pro league after I accidentally minimized the game or pressed pause button. No movement any longer possible and can’t use any button at all. It feels like a modal Window is on the background, but even pressing Escape, Enter, Y or N does not respond at all.

There are too many annoying bugs inside the game, spoiling all the fun. I experience total freeze due to a forbidden call inside code that tries to find location of the player. We gave many clues how to trace this freeze. We are forced to wait 5-10 minutes before raiding, otherwise the freeze occurs during a raid and when then touching the screen a couple of times leads to a crash.

@GalaMorgane, since you are our community manager, can you at least tell us if flare is doing research for this and when we can expect a solution? 

Wow, so many different bugs going on right now, no wonder everyone has the flu

It happens to me when I eat chilli cheese fries.


…or tacos

I have lost 2 ninja events do to eating chilli cheese fries.?

ohhh it happends to me once, but i thought it was my mouse, but after i restarted the game the mose worked fine. so we have other bug, damn flare do something about it

That’s exactly what happens when you don’t share your cheese fries ?

I’m a stingy bastard when it comes to sharing cheese fries. I’d rather lose two ninjas. It got to the point where one of the general here would send group messages before ninja. “Just a friendly reminder to wash your hands before raiding after eating cheese fries”.?

same here. haha. thought it my hardware dying and can’t move. lol.

OK guys, by the time flares solve this bug, my hair is going to become grey. So luckily i have found a solution by myself. Here it is:

For touch screen tablets only. When “no controls” bug  occur, you should start force manually minimizing/closing the game window (you do it by passing your finger from the top of the screen downwards). But just before you force close the game by getting to the screen bottom (actually already at the middle of the screen, when it starts to reduce in size), you move your finger up again, leaving the session of the game on. Everything starts working again.

Cheers guys and hope it helped.