no discount items

id’s why I do not have discounted items? and discounts at a time is lost right? My id : Sinh Vien Ngheo

Gonna move this to the right section and the granny sales stop everytime you buy something , it will appear again in a few days 

Maybe you recently bought Discounted item :slight_smile:

Why not see Flaregames answer it? :slightly_frowning_face:

Probably because they are on vacation…this is the reason why you shall give them more than a couple of hours!  :slight_smile:


But be sure that when they will come back, they will process your request…official request that you have submitted, right? Did u send the ticket through Flaregame Support Center, right?

thanks Flaregames . I had the sale off but throughout the sword :slightly_frowning_face:

this month my id : crazy_king no discount items. Fast forward Flaregames solved for me. thank you very much!

flare games cant speed up the process for you because then they would have to for everyone so I dont see the point in it since we could just wait for the next sale

me too… sale off pls

One or two months back, I’m having granny sales after a cool down of 9 or 10 days. Everytime after i bought one item, sales end and i have to wait for 9,10 days. 


Recently, my last granny sales end on 8 January, and today is 20 January (almost 2 weeks pass). Granny is not returning. Does flare do any changes on the sales cool down? Thanks 


dear…I am 13 or 14 weeks I haven’t sale off offers… :grinning:

I get today a very good offer from granny so i am satisfied, for now.

ok finally 21 Jan, i get my granny sales , that is almost 2 weeks of cool down time

I got mine every one day after I level up

too bad i would hv take more than two week to lvl up

Around 7 days for me , gonna be 2 weeks in around a month

I have 5 days no sale, sale only when I spent all gems :slightly_frowning_face:

sale off pls …