No end to the RR2?

How long does this RR2 alliance war is going to live?.there is no end to this war.really got boared of this stupid alliance war.looks soon many will quit rr2 if this going to be continued.

The alliance war system must be completely changed to a new a break for a weak and heading back again to the war system looks like a rotten work in day to day like.this is really hard for many players I think.the game must be completely fun but here there is no fun at all.The alliance war force the players to take part in it where players have to spend huge time in it daily.

You guys ( Flare games) can say you can quit the season and avoid the war for this season if you guys are busy or boared but the players in an alliance trust each other for the war to go a head mainly in top it is hard to concentrate out from this game.this must be change off completely.

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The answer is yes, there’s no end. If you quit, someone else will take over your place and those people that already invest quite much in the game will never leave unless all leave together.

You can always tell your team to skip a season, even when you’re a top alliance, if you skip, you’ll know that the next time you won’t have to face the top of the top alliances. You’ll still participate in the matchmaking and everything for the war, but you can just sit, don’t attack and let others take your fiefs, so you don’t really have to worry about fighting.

The real question will be, can a top alli do this? Is it ok to lose fiefdoms (since there is a new max fief cap) and 2-3 strong boost on a season? What if the next season the boost you’ve skipped got extra war boost? What about the big spenders in each top alli? I’m sure they stay for the boost too (since they probably upgrading many things already). If some boosts they need stopped, will they stay? And even if you won’t go against top of the top, can you guarantee a win after losing several boosts? 

I instead this to change up the scheme of war schedule.not for skipping a season.

And more over top alliance can’t skip and war season because they are at top only because of the boost won on season.

More over how long this is to be going on.most of the time top alliance face war with the same teams and also the war is too boring the same boost and the same alliance facing in war.

Few new boost must be implemented in war system as similar to the special boost.

Every alliance must must win different boost and rewards during war.

For example if RL win first on their slot and VL wins first on their slot the reward and boost given to them must not be similar. By this there must be a new way to game and players get interested to play up too.


I’d love an high level alliance that doesn’t care about wars. An high level alliance that just wants your daily donations to maintain the regular boosts but don’t asks for participation in war, because they don’t care. I wouldn’t want to be in an alliance like that for ever, but when you’re busy or just want to enjoy the game it would be ideal :slight_smile:

And honestly, skipping a season to get an easier map isn’t really helpfull for, like, top 10 alliances. Even if they throw one or two seasons, they still will end up on a tough map most likely. Especially top 5 can drop almost half of their fiefs and still be top 10 lol

I don’t get why everyone is complaining, IT’S A GAME!

If you don’t like how flare does things, leave, Don’t tell everyone else what they are going to do on the forums.

I play RR2 and am a level 64 player, It’s an awesome game and I see no reason to complain about anything.

And if you had any idea what it takes to make a game as good as RR2, You would understand how frustrating it would be for your players to constantly whine about this and that, Flare has done a very good job, If you don’t like something the problem is with you, not flare.






I Agree the Idea that game should be more friendly to casual players. Which is not currently.

So you and the topic starter are doing exactly just that… telling everyone else what they are going to do on the forums  :rolleyes:

They (Flare Games) have said they are working on new fixes/changes to the alliance war system to be more fair. We don’t know what they are working/ when this may be updated but they are aware that the wars can be made better.

One way to skip AW and keep fifes is to have everyone leave the alliance before war, and rejoin after. You need over 8 members to participate in AW. The problem there is that you will lose your chance to play for war boosts.

Because top alliances are matched by hand, it would definitely be noticed by flare and an interesting way to protest.

Personally if you want to take a break from AW, you can always join a lower alliance where war participation is optional. Just don’t get too frustrated with boosts going unpaid.

Every game gets boring at some point especially one you’ve been playing for 2 years.For me now, some week I feel like deleting the game while some other week I play a lot and push top 10.


Regarding the Wars, the team is currently looking into making some changes to the matchmaking to improve it and make it more fair to everyone, so people can enjoy it more than they do at the moment.

Welcome back Aether we missed you!


Is only the matchmaking up for review? What about map changes or other things that would make wars more exciting in general 

Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I know there is only a talk regarding the matchmaking, but some other changes that I may not be aware of could be on the plate, who knows…

Will be to spend gems/pearls/money.


I am happy that finally Aether replied to my post in a positive feedback. Thank you way of war system will help for the top players who are playing this game for months and years to play up in a new way.

Hi randomgooose,

I speak with for the players who is playing this games daily for hours and are currently at lvl 68 so you are not bored up.players above  lvl 100 worked hard to achieve that state.most of those players will fell bored in playing this game in a same and rotten manner.

So some changes in war would boost them play this game in a new way.