No event again? Can we at least get a reply or announcement?

@flaretara @PaSte


Usually event would have started already. Yet, apart from no announcement whatsoever, we are kept in the dark whether there is even an event to begin with.


Can we at least get a short reply? i.e. “yes there is a reply” or “no there isn’t one this week”?

blacksmith now


@mostafaxxx Didn’t notice. Thank you!

Where is the announcement… I can’t see.

No announcement, just checked the stats. You’ll see more pearls in blacksmith now if you melt items. Can’t be anything else apart from blacksmith event.

May be community week)

Is blacksmith event

This is unbelievable. This is the third time this happens. I started the units and spells forge last night because I did not see any announcement for an event. The events for forge usual start on Wednesday but because of your continues failure to inform us I delay it and I do it at the end of the day. It seems that even this delay from me is not enough. I have spent a lot of money on this game and you cannot do the basic things to inform us. It is not difficult for you to make an announcement. If you cannot do it as it is supposed to happen just change the game so that we will be able to cancel the forge so that we will be able to take advantage of the event.

I am sure that a lot of people have the same problem. You earn a lot of money from this game so make the basic things so that the players who pay all these money keep playing without problems this game.