No event again this week after the disappointing pal collector's event?

Usually if there’s an event tomorrow, a countdown timer would’ve been shown already.


No event again this week after last week’s disappointing pal collector’s event? Hmmm… 

The reason behind no event is that there is a holiday season 100%. Somewhere.

Agree 100% the pal event was terrible and we haven’t seen a blacksmith or conquest building event in a while. Please show us that you still care about this game @Madlen.

Disappointing really. No community week.No blacksmith event,No Alliance Party,etc… nothing? We have said no more Pal collector event not no more events  :rolleyes: really 

I am looking for either Community Week or Alliance Party…

For me a conquest building upgrade event would be more than welcome. I am holding gems in reserve with intention to upgrade 2 out of 3 of my personal buildings to max and building number 3 to level 7. 

For me a community week or blacksmith also is welcome. If I remember well, last time the event wasn’t announced, we either got a festival or a blacksmith event. 

my wish is a blacksmith event … i collect so many items in ivertory :rolleyes:

Hoped blacksmith, community week or stronghold event, but we get no event???  Sad

Had to hold the round of forgings, so no event and no indication either of it being no event time, is more disappointing  -_-

Could be that they are prepping a new event to come out next week. Madlen did say there was some new stuff in forms of events coming our way early this year

What’s most disturbing is the lack of communication. She can at least let us know what’s going on so we don’t sit here thinking they’ve given up on the game or don’t care about us. 

Did not get 1 pal from event last week , pretty lame and now no event showing​:frowning::frowning::frowning:

An advisors event is coming up.

50% off Alliance Tower and BS slots. That is amazing and will benefit a ton of players.

Yep - I remember upgrading my Alliance Tower with an even less % rate. It is one of the best offers to boost your alliance. ?

I am reading your suggestions and pass them on to the developers and we also look into things what hasn’t been there for a while etc… but I can’t share any information which events are upcoming when exactly in the future. The only way this is communicated is the timer in the game.  Sorry ?

And no, we have not given up on the game, the roadmap that we have posted should be an indicator for that.<3  We also always will care about you! Hi you!



Hi @Madlen

Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know you haven’t given up on the game and that you care about us! That’s good to know! Also I’d like to suggest that you guys rework all the events. The issue is that the veteran players gain nothing from most events. Events should be arranged in a way that every player regardless of level and regardless of how long they are playing and have everything in base and castle maxed can still have some benefit in the event. Also please consider making blacksmith event more often and also a conquest event that will allow people to level up conquest buildings for less gems. The events that people want should also be more frequent than the less useful events… Just be more practical we want to see that you guys are thinking about all members not just low level new guys. You need to keep the veterans interested. You’ve lost 100s of the veterans in the last few months. You should think about why that is. Perhaps make an effort to reach out to the veteran players and listen to what they have to say. Many have been here for 4 or 5 years and we know the game well and we know what the game needs. It’d be wise to take our advice. Thanks for reading! Have a good day! 


Any thoughts about my post? 

Hi IamaNoob31^^,

This is from my January letter to the community: “To spice things up, we have something exciting coming with this version which will be amongst other things a new feature for Festivals. We will be announcing more details moving forward to the end of January/beginning of February. And I can’t wait for you all to see it! I think you will enjoy this new feature a lot!”

Whilst no rework of the events is planned so far, we consider the thing that we have planned for the Festivals something really exciting and fun for all players. I hope I am not overpromising, but it will be fun. As for the improvement of the events itself, please feel free to open threads for improvements in the sections. We can always look into that. We would be interested in what you have to say in events that are interesting for veteran/end game players.

We value all of our players. Of course, anybody is welcome to open a thread (or comment on a thread in the forum if the topic is already open) about his suggestions/ideas.

Furthermore, we have also started doing in-game surveys (starting with English users) to grasp even more feedback. These surveys will be irregular as of now, but they are defo a good way to collect many opinions at once.

At the same time, I personally believe that the ideas/suggestions section is full of great ideas!

Just keep in mind, we are a rather small developer team, even if it may appear different sometimes, so changes take time and many things are in the backlog. I wish we could have all the great stuff we have prepared and improvements we are working on ready by tomorrow. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case. We also know that there are some strong pain points and wishes in the community, such as Conquest Matchmaking, Conquest online times, wishes for improvements in Wars and Ninjas and many small improvements of life wishes, which all make a lot of sense.) We appreciate that our community is so patient with us, and additionally, that for example there are people like you staying around with us for so long!

Regards, Madlen

_ _ _

(But now let’s not hijack this thread anymore :grinning:

This double pop up is still here.

seems even “rather small develop team” should change it with no problem immidiatly.

very fun to see)


but its nice to see even top alliances stopped to pay money for the conquest)

I was very excited to see the Advisor’s Choice event, it got me up to 1M donations, which is something I’ve always wanted. So, I’m really happy about that. Still would like to see a Community Week sometime soon though, we haven’t had one in at least 3 months, maybe longer