No event again this week after the disappointing pal collector's event?

I think that a very important thing is that people shouldn’t be punished because they are playing actively or have sufficient amount of pearls. I don’t like to miss blacksmith event  because had forged something and 1 day later you got notification that event is starting in 24 hours woohoooo… :slightly_frowning_face:

It should work the same way like with digging in dungeons —> applying effect to the already existing process which is forging cooldown/digging time etc. This way in the worst scenario players would lose 12h of 72h long event instead of missing forging opportunity entirely.

PS. It should work the same way for reduced upgrading waves time.


There would be less bugs with a larger developer team.

I’ll join the team! :stuck_out_tongue:  

no no no  knight you will bei creative artist ?

I can just draw over the bugs to keep them from getting out :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

or you can say: war is over … i painted an white flag to connect each other


well I would think twice before joining Flare…anybody has news about Flothaboss…? He s maybe locked in  a dungeon…and they will soon close it completely so he will stay there forever…poor guy


Hi sellman,

No, we don’t put people in the Dungeons. At least not longer for than hour. :stuck_out_tongue: It is cold and dark in there.

We have already answered questions regarding Flothaboss. Please have a look in the other section of the general discussion section.

Ps: This thread is now completely off-topic.

Please stay on topic, or I have to lock the thread.

Thank you!


lol, ok…you are finally human tough ?



Can we go back to having an event every Wednesday? Or Wednesday and Thursday with it being posted in game at least 24 hours before?