No event ?

Tomorrow event will start ? Blacksmith event will be come ? Can someone tell something?  @FTB @oPelle

No news, but I would like a community event or a festival (or an update).

why did you tag pellez? he is not flare staff, he would not know about events, he can’t even get them to give him basic info to help out the wiki.

but on topic, i would like / waiting for announcement for event (or no event). usually (or more lately they have been trying) to have event announcements by now after ninja to start tomorrow.

indeed why you tag me @black18759 

He likes you?

He tagged FTB as well, which most likely means that he knows that Flothaboss is now a dev and has a YouTube channel. Perhaps he thinks that since you have one, you are a developer as well. In which case…can I be a developer too!! :wink: