No fire weakness for heal tower

The heal tower is the 5th that has a weakness to fire, along with the barricade. That’s way too many weakneses to fire in my opinion. 

It would be cool if the heal tower was actually weak to poison, making them the only tower with a weakness to poison instead of resistance. Since it is a healing tower, poison would be it’s natural enemy. And, it would give poison damage some much needed importance on offense. 

In addition, there could be an interesting effect like making the heal tower harm it’s allies instead of heal if it’s under the effects of poison. 

And stupidly, the Necromancer doesn’t have a weakness to Fire!

Everybody knows what you do to a Witch? 

You burn the Witch!

What’s wrong with Flare?


They use a modified CoF with the damage types inside.

That way its not their fault but a random assignment. :grinning:


Maerique please give the post at least a few replies before trying to change its subject lol

Whatsa I’m not sure what CoF is, or what it’s referring to, but if it’s talking about the heal tower, now is a great time to change it :wink:

Chest of fortune…

I was joking that they did a lucky dip for stats and damage.

I haven’t changed the subject.

You just brought up the same problem from another direction.

They are similar, but not the same. I’m talking about specifically the heal tower. You are talking about specifically the necromancer. I didn’t say anything about the necromancer in the original post

We’re both talking about oddnesses with Fire.

In the original post, the main point was specifically changing the heal tower’s weakness to poison _because _there are too many weakneses to fire. You’re contending that my main point is that there are too many weakneses to fire and that’s one of the ways of solving it.

I want other’s opinions specifically on changing the heal tower’s weakness to poison and having the added effect I listed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you explicitly gave yours. 

Yes I agree a little to much fire :grinning:


The heal tower is now weak to blunt not fire.

It’s now the basilisk tower that’s weak to fire, hope this doesn’t happen all over again.

Would be great if the basilisk tower is weak to poison, going back to the first post, since 1. it’s a LIVING thing and 2. it would balance the game; poison would actually be useful.

Towers having a major resistance to poison cuts to half the number of targets that poison has. So it should be very effective against troops to make up for it, but sadly, it doesn’t. Shouldn’t ALL living things be weak to poison? 

Balance the game flare!