No Guardian rewards


I had 6 (of the 12) royal guardian donkeys. But now, since we got the rewards from last conquest (which gave me another 6 donkeys in the chests), I only have 4 of the 12 donkeys! So I actually lost 2 instead of gaining 6…
Also, it seems like I didn’t get the Trusty (sledge) guardian. I don’t exactly know how many I got from the chests and how many I already had (because I don’t use the guardian right now), but I’m sure I should have more by now.

I don’t really care about the Trusty guardians I didn’t get, but I’d really want to have those Donkey guardians, since I use this guardian a lot.

I already sent a message to the support, without answer…

Maybe some people have this issue too?

Several alliance members noticed some of their guardian copies vanished, just like you said.

Oh okay, so the issue is know by Flare. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Known yes…however no solution or compensation

I have level 4 sultan. Needed 8 for level 5. I had 7 of them. Now it reduced to 1. Now i need 7 more for level 5 :slightly_frowning_face:

A while ago I had 0 out of 12 donkeys. Due to a bug suddenly 8 were shown, I closed the Window and opened it again, 0 were shown again, which was correct. I asked other members and they had similar experience.

Could it be a visual bug?

I don’t think it’s a visual bug, since I’ve ‘followed’ very closely how many donkeys I always get. They are really lost :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here.

visual bug

i had the same problem with sultan and i said that it was all my imagination but now that it is a problem that happened to a lot of players i’d say i gained a total of 4 sultans and i was about to upgrade it when the bar kept glitching between 4 and 3 and then went down to 3 so yeah i lost some too i’m not sure about the others because i didn’t pay attention 

Hey guys,

Thank you all for reporting this and we want to apologize for the late reply. And, indeed, there is definitely something wrong. Therefore the issue has been added to our database and we’re investigating the problem.

I notice once you up a guardian, for example donkey lv2->lv3, before updating you got 2/2 donkey. After updating it will show 2/4 donkey you got for the next level. Which is wrong ( visual bug ).

once you find another donkey in a chest, this will show the right one 1/4. So people will think they lost 2 donkeys…

maybe that happened like that ? 

Best regards