no hero 3 !

The second row is not a war hero 3 !!!

my nickname :crossed_swords:?МАКСОН?:crossed_swords:


You received a compensation for the issue.

Please note that prolonging the boosts will NOT solve the issue this time.

Sorry for the troubles.

I’m sorry for the trouble??? good luck, so much money spent on you, the whole game spoiled!!! till !!!


Hi, iam currently having same issue. Can flaregames help me to fix at asap please cuz war is on going… Thanks.


My IGN: iceBIast (Vietglory)

Thanks for the report, we are looking into it.

Hi Alysea,


I am experiencing the same issues with my third hero after spending quite a few gems to maintain my boosts, can you look into that please?




On it, sorry for the troubles.


4 war in no longer a hero 3!!!

Are you kidding me???

Same issue. Cant play 3rd hero in war

developers simply do not care to us !!! still did nothing !!!

I’m just looking, that the problems of those who bought the prestige for paid ornaments. Maybe in this case?

The issue is still under investigation but you received a compensation for the troubles.

Additionally, if you have any information to provide regarding when you unlocked the 3rd hero, when did you connect for the last time before the war, when did you choose which heroes to bring in war, it would be appreciated.

19 Level prestige I got in front of the first war, and in the first war I took Helen, Ariadne, and cadmium, and everything worked fine in the first war. In the second war, the war and all subsequent I began to take Helen, Perseus and Jason, and so Jason has not once during the war I have not been activated.

Hi Alysea,

Issue still persists. I achieved a new prestige level by building new decorations after the war preparations started, maybe that has something to do with it?




hello, I managed to fix the problem with the hero?

My player does not have 3 heroes. Nickname шарш?