No Horses?

Earlier today, RR2 released a new update adding many things including a mech, I’m surprised that RR2 still doesn’t have any horses. Especially since RR2 is in the medieval genre ?

An idea, to add a spearman riding a horse that does long melee range piercing damage?

We don’t need horses. Donkey is far better than horses and also my favourite ?

As Alumbri said, though we don’t have horses, we do have a Donkey. And what better to have than a donkey who can run faster than a dragon? I mean, can’t get much better than that lol

No need a horse. A Donkey is enough. Of course we have all ours preference. Some prefer ride a lion,others ride a elephant,others ride a panther,other ride a dragon,etc… Flare cannot add it all in the game. Donkey is good