No in-game countdown for next event yet... good sign?

Usually there’s an in-game countdown for the next event by now… could it be… update is coming?? one can hope =D

I think they do not have any events planned.

It is tuesday, it is too early?

I know event is usually on Wednesday after Ninja event, but normally there is already an in-game countdown 24 hours before the event by now.

News: advertisements returned today on my laptop.

But also this time, there aren’t rewards.

I don’t like this silence and I hope an offense event for this week.

News: advertisements are removed again on my laptop.

too much silence at this moment…:frowning:

If there’s no event because developers are busy fixing bug, let us know too. This will be much better than no event and no announcement at all @GalaMorgane

Maybe it’s just another awesome 1 day event, which would mean that the announcement will be there tomorrow

Probably another event that doesn’t require boosted farms/tavern/etc. since the windows boost are not back yet

There won’t probably be any events, because the advertisements weren’t fixed yet.

So even if there were an announcement, would you really believe it?


Flare can’t talk. Their too busy making the Chapter 4 video which will release…NOTHING