No increase in actual capacity value for Archimedes' Wisdom

Archimedes’ Wisdom show increases the duration of the pal’s stun spell by 0.8s, but it actually increase 0.1s only, please fix it  ?




Wait, is the error on the value increased on the pal (0.1) or on the description of the perk (0.8)???

Cause I didn’t check that description, and after seeing only 0.1s increase on the pal spell I melted the item immediately ?

+0.1s is not even worth it, but +0.8s is almost +2 levels to Archimedes!!



By the way…

All pets will automatically put spicel ability as soon as the cooldown is over, except for owls (Archimedes, Eris)… If there are no enemies within the attack range, it will not stun, and the cooldown is recalculated… This is not fair! It’s a serious bug! Please fix it, Thanks^^

you sure flare understand chinese? LOL

Btw, the current update about pals is finalised? Flare please dont nerf again after everyone invest on it.

Hello Madlen, where are you? Can you please give advice on this matter? this bug haven’t been fixed, 0.8s is what mean? display error? thanks you very much.

Hi Lee8006,

Sorry for the late reply. It is, in fact, a display issue. The correct number should be 0.1s and not 0.8s. :grinning:

Hi Sasch,

Thanks for reply.

Hi Sasch,

Indeed thanks that you’ve answered this question. However, do you think that, given the rarity of this perk, an increase of 0.1s or 1.3% is enough? I think it should be something notable, more like the 0.8s or 10% that the original display showed.

Stop wasting you Pearls on Milliseconds …

Hi Sasch,

From below picture you can see that it is actually same situation with scenario above (+0.8s on Archimedes’s stun duration but actually only +0.1s), but the blood pumps shoes does +0.6 second on the pal flute spell.

Can you explain above this??? please and big thanks.



@Lee8006, what is the issue here? It seems correct: 5.5s + 0.6s = 6.1s


there is no issue about the blood pump shoes.

What i try to say that is

Try to compare these two scenario, +0.8s on Archimedes’s stun duration should really +0.8 second, not only +0.1 second, there is something wrong, i don’t believe it only display error, it should be setting error.

Big thanks to you, Sasch if you are able to clarify this issue before i melt my Archimedes’ Wisdom cape.

Thanks, @Lee8006! Yes, I fully agree. Having a unique perk (this “increase Archimedes’ special move” perk appears only on this particular item, AFAIK), and then it increases only from 7.5s to 7.6s feels just wrong.

I’m using a similar perk for Irmgard that boosts Irmgard’s damage by 11%. Now that is an increase that you’ll note in a raid if you have it or not. But an increase of Archimedes’ stun from 7.5 to 7.6 seconds isn’t even notable.