No info can be found in the game regarding fiefdom

There’s currently no button I can press to view the ‘benefits’ an alliance can get from fiefdom. Why is it so? There’s a lot of missing information here. For example, supposedly, pyromancer and froster are stronger when your alliance has more fiefdom, but apparently Flare has declared that the fan wikipedia page is not handled by them so we cannot rely on information in that page.


So where can we see such info? It’s not like we can click on the fiefdom button on the alliance screen to see.


The info is available here:

I know it may be not reliable, but as far as I understood, keenflare is now actually helping players like @ShadowsGuardian to get the right information there.




As mentioned in the original post, Flare denied the accuracy of information in that fandom page. That means there’s no where in the game or anywhere in their official page where we can rely on to know any info remotely related to fiefdom.

While it is helpful to have the wiki, there are a ton of players that don’t even know it exists. In my opinion, flare should either make a video link showing the benefits of a fiefdom OR they should put the link to the wiki in the game. I prefer the second option. Players need to know everything about the game, it’s how you get better. Having the link to the wiki be put in the game would benefit players greatly. Especially for these types of situations!

I think you need to contact @ShadowsGuardian and ask him. There is a group of players now maintaining the wikia and can contact Madlen for accurate data.

Even better, I submitted a ticket to Flare when I asked why I didn’t get what the wikipedia says, and flare’s answer was that they are not responsible for the information contained in the wikipedia. They didn’t even answer me as to whether the info I relied on in the wikipedia was correct or not. They don’t even want to confirm or deny.


The worst part is, like I said, there’s no where in the game or any where in their official page that has any info. How do I know if it’s a bug or not when there’s discrepancies in the numbers?


To me, the missing info is so bad that it should be considered a ‘technical bug’.

Hi there,

Yes, the info is not in the game - correct. We will discuss internally if it is possible to add this.

The fiefdom influences the tax bonus (viewable in the Alliance info screen) and the level of the War boosts (which you cannot see in the game).

Thanks for making us aware!

Thank you for the acknowledgment ?