No lague pro prizies for the third time

Flaregames again did not get a pro league award what the hell is going to be

I am really pissed too. I got two pro chests that gave mostly pal food. I got only one item that was uber and I already had it. ?

same  here bought 3 pro chests a week ago same story

so im not doing that again this week only pearls and pal food

bad luck i guess

I got one item but it was uber 

I got two items, one uber (blacksmiths takes care of it) and one pro item (pauldrons double scream, don’t know if I keep/use it or not).

For the rest pal food and pearls. 

2 chests not a single item - only Pet-Food and Pearls.

Another two chests here and just pal food and some pearls, not even a single uber item. Furthermore, last weekend I bought three chests after finishing the raids and I only get one uber Item, neither pro items, neither tickets (never got any in chests), neither gems…

And again, I’ve bought three more chest today and combined I get 0 pro items, 0 tickets, and 1 uber item…

Never buy those 

Do you talk about Pro Chest? they seem very good honestly. My first one ever I just buy one right now and got the Pro Heal Aura with Pro Bonus. So for me that seems very good. I will see the 2 others chest in 5 days if they are too good

Pro heal aura? Wow… 

Can u share the pic and stats with us?

Here the screenshot :

Pro Bonus :

Some of you must thinking about the question : That worth it?

I test it yesterday and that work great. If you use by example Unholy Paladin who are pretty weak alone and die at the tent without do any feet. With this ring they survive because they are healed and can form a Stone Dragon. So if you want to use Unholy paladin or weaker units this ring will help to make them survive

I gonna try to forge it to show you screenshot of stats over time

Forged at +3 :